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Q: What is MOVEit 2021.1?

MOVEit 2021.1 is the latest version of the industry-leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that makes it easy to securely share sensitive files across a broad range of systems. With more than half of the new security, usability and integration enhancements developed in response to market requirements, MOVEit 2021.1 demonstrates our commitment to helping you keep your company's information safe.

Q: When is MOVEit 2021.1 available?

MOVEit 2021.1 is generally available on October 21, 2021.

Q: What is New in MOVEit 2021.1?

New features of MOVEit 2021.1 include:

  • Enhanced Accessibility - Conforms with WCAG AA accessibility standards.
  • New MySQL Database - A more robust MySQL database engine for MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation that reduces the chance for database corruption.
  • Data Encryption Key Rotation - This version of MOVEit Transfer makes it easy for security administrators to automatically rotate data encryption keys, as well as schedule, pause, restart, and report upon data encryption key status. Rotating keys on a regular basis is an important cryptographic best practice.
  • S3 Compatible Host Support - MOVEit Automation administrators can now create hosts for third-party storage solutions that use Amazon’s S3 protocol. This S3 Compatible Endpoint Hosts Support expands the variety of storage locations available for hybrid cloud workflows.
  • IP/Username Lockout Mechanism - MOVEit Automation administrators can now set automatic lockouts for users or IP addresses that fail login attempts too many times. This MOVEit Automation IP/Username Lockout Mechanism provides an additional layer of security often required by larger organizations and enterprises.
  • REST API Enhancements - A wide variety of REST API Enhancements have been added to MOVEit in this release. This allows for more automation options and supports more workflows.
  • HTML Email Notifications - MOVEit Automation’s automatically generated emails can now be formatted in HTML as well as plain text. These Enhanced HTML MOVEit Automation Email Notifications include support for links, fonts, bullets, tables, macros and more. The result is email notifications that are easier for users to customize and validate as useful notifications.
  • Branded Emails - Email notifications generated by MOVEit Transfer can now include the branding or logo associated with a user interface. This highly requested Branding for MOVEit Transfer Notifications feature helps recipients recognize email notifications as being trustworthy.
  • MFA Support for the desktop MOVEit Client - Multifactor authentication (MFA) is one of the most effective security tools administrators can implement. MFA Support for the desktop MOVEit Client means better security at every access point to your network.
  • Updated User Interface for Advanced Task Configuration - UI improvements to the Advanced Task Configuration Interface make the web-based tool easier to use and improves productivity when creating workflows – all without needing to download and install a client application.

Q: What is MOVEit Mobile?

MOVEit Mobile is a new, free and completely redesigned mobile application for MOVEit Transfer. It replaces the existing MOVEit Transfer Mobile v1.4. Boasting an updated interface, support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Secure Folder Sharing, MOVEit Mobile is available for free for both Android and iOS devices. MOVEit Mobile can be used seamlessly with both MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Cloud to extend secure managed file transfer capabilities to any mobile device while maintaining a regulatory compliance with a tamper-evident audit trail.  MOVEit Mobile lets you:

  • Upload and download files
  • Upload videos and pictures
  • Send secure mail and attachments
  • Perform file and folder editing tasks
  • Share folders with other users

MOVEit Mobile is available now for iOS and AndroidSee a demo how this app helps you manage your files from your phone or  Learn More.

Q: Why should I migrate from MOVEit Transfer Mobile v1.4 to MOVEit Mobile?

MOVEit Mobile is not only a better, more usable and more feature-filled mobile app, it also comes free with MOVEit Transfer. It does not require a separate server component and is much easier to deploy and support. Its improved interface makes creating and managing folders much easier and it is now seamlessly supports MOVEit Cloud. MOVEit Mobile also supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Secure Folder Sharing. MOVEit Mobile is available now for iOS and Android.

    Q: What versions of MOVEit Transfer support MOVEit Mobile?

    MOVEit Mobile is compatible with MOVEit Transfer v2019.2 and later.

    Q: Can I migrate from a previous version of MOVEit to MOVEit 2021.1?

    Yes, Progress will support upgrades from MOVEit Transfer version 8.3 and forward. Customers with current maintenance agreements will be able to upgrade for free by downloading the software from the Progress Community.

    Q: Can I get technical assistance to upgrade to MOVEit 2021.1?

    Yes, technical services are available in many countries to assist you with your upgrade. Learn More.

    Q: Will I need to be on an active service agreement in order to upgrade to MOVEit 2021.1?

    Yes, only customers on active service agreements are able to upgrade to MOVEit 2021.1. Customers without an active support agreement should contact their sales representative or local reseller about reinstating their support agreement.

    Q: Who is eligible to be upgraded to MOVEit 2021.1?

    All users with an active support contract will be given upgrade access to MOVEit 2021.1.

    Q: How do I evaluate MOVEit 2021.1?

    To evaluate MOVEit, you can initiate a free trial from the MOVEit product page.

    Q: As a customer, how do I download the latest version?

    Customers with an active support agreement can download MOVEit 2021.1 via the “My Products” link at the Progress Community. New customers can participate in a free trial or request a quote directly from our sales team.

    Q: What if my service contract has expired and I want to upgrade to MOVEit 2021.1?

    One of the great benefits of having a current support agreement is access to the latest software features. To learn more about your options for renewing your agreement please contact your sales representative or your local reseller.

    Q: Where can I get more information about MOVEit?

    To learn more about MOVEit, visit the MOVEit web page.


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