MOVEit® 2017 Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is MOVEit® 2017 Plus?

MOVEit 2017 Plus is the combination of the latest improvements to the MOVEit product line. Our version numbering scheme has changed to incorporate the year. Plus is the designation for the second release in a given year.


Q2: What is new in MOVEit® 2017 Plus?

The improved MOVEit 2017 Plus provides new levels of:

  • Deployment flexibility - through the remainder of 2017, MOVEit will become available on the MicroSoft Azure marketplace and MOVEit Cloud will be available in Europe.
  • Security - in anticipation of strengthening data protection laws such as GDPR, we've added new security features to MOVEit Transfer and Ipswitch Gateway
  • Usability - we continue our focus of helping IT teams simplify use, reduce workloads, accelerate on-boarding of new business services/partners and lower operational costs with improvements to MOVEit Automation.


Q3: How has Ipswitch strengthened their cloud story for MOVEit?

Coming this summer and continuing through 2017, MOVEit moves to the cloud:

  • MOVEit Transfer will be available through the MicroSoft Azure marketplace
  • MOVEit Cloud becomes available in Europe
  • These are just the first steps in a continuing effort to fit the needs of our customers for cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments.


Q4: What's new with MOVEit Transfer?

In anticipation of a strengthening data-protection regulatory environment, we're enhancing security features in MOVEit Transfer 2017 Plus with:

  • Multi-factor authentication support leveraging mobile-phone-based apps that support RFC-6238
  • Email based multi-factor authentication
  • IP lockout and client IP restrictions pushed to Ipswitch Gateway.


Q5: What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication allows a user to add an additional form of authentication beyond a simple name and password. This greatly improves access control to enhance the security of external data transfers.


Q6: How does multi-factor authentication work?

No doubt, you've already experienced multi-factor authentication in your interactions with the internet. For instance, when you access a secure web resource from a new mobile device or laptop, you may get a text or email message with a code that you must enter besides your login ID and password. This extra step confirms you are who you say you are (authentication) by using multiple 'things you have' to verify your identity. Multi-factor authentication may also take the form of security questions.


Q7: How does MOVEit Transfer's new multi-factor authentication work?

MOVEit Transfer will now work with Google Authenticator, Windows Authenticator and others (almost any mobile-phone-based authentication application that adheres to RFC-6238) for greatly improved access control. The process involves the use of six digit codes which change every 30 seconds. These are entered along with a username and password. MOVEit administrators can force certain user classes to use multi-factor authentication if desired. In addition, there is an option to use email as an extra form of authentication. In this case, a 6-digit code is sent to an email address.


Q8: How has credentials been improved in MOVEit Transfer 2017 Plus?

MOVEit Transfer administrators can now set password expiration policies based on user class. Administrators can now define a grace period for an account during which a user is forced to change their password.


Q9: What's new with this release of Ipswitch Gateway?

Ipswitch Gateway includes a number of new security features including:

  • IP Address Propagation – by associating a users’ IP address with their session, MOVEit Transfer can enforce a number of security features including IP lockout and client IP restrictions
  • SSH Public Key Authentication - allows customers to use two-factor authentication from SFTP clients
  • SSL Certificate Authentication - allows customers to use two-factor authentication from web browsers, automated clients like MOVEit Automation, and standard FTPS clients.


Q10: How do I evaluate MOVEit 2017 Plus?

Customers with an active support agreement can download MOVEit 2017 Plus via the “My Products” link at the Ipswitch Community. New customers can Contact sales or go to our website and request a trial.


Q11: What if my service contract has expired and I want to upgrade to MOVEit 2017 Plus?

One of the great benefits of having a current service agreement is access to the latest software features. To learn more about your options for renewing your agreement please contact sales.


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