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Q: What is MOVEit 2022.0?

Progress MOVEit 2022.0 is the leading secure Managed File Transfer (MFT) software used by thousands of organizations around the world to provide complete visibility and control over file transfer activities. Whether deployed as-a-Service, in the Cloud, or on-prem, MOVEit enables your organization to meet compliance standards, easily ensure the reliability of core business processes, and secure the transfer of sensitive data between partners, customers, users and systems.

Q: When is MOVEit 2022.0 available?

MOVEit 2022.0 is generally available on May 12, 2022.

Q: What is New in MOVEit 2022.0?

The Progress MOVEit Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

  • Makes securing files with MOVEit simple, intuitive, and easy to deploy across the entire organization.
  • Within Microsoft Outlook clients on Windows, Mac, or Outlook on the web, users will be able to send secure files, view read statuses, recall files, and receive secure files without leaving their Outlook application.
  • This new add-in represents a significant improvement in terms of usability, functionality, and ease of deployment. It can be deployed through the Microsoft 365 or Exchange admin center, with no client software to install or maintain.

Security Improvements

  • MOVEit Automation offers configuration file encryption improvements, and additional security hardening for best-in-class secure file transfer automation.
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Always On offers an additional level of redundancy to MOVEit deployments, ensuring that MOVEit will provide a greater level of availability.
  • MOVEit Gateway boasts new passphrase encryption.

Additional Improvements

Other improvements include Windows Server 2022 support in MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation, ICAP Anti-Virus/Data Loss Prevention compatibility in MOVEit Transfer, as well as configurable task log retention and report export functionality in MOVEit Automation.

Q: Can I migrate from the MOVEit Outlook plug-in to the MOVEit Add-in for Outlook?

Yes, with the MOVEit Ad Hoc module in place, the new Outlook Add-in is free to use and is deployed completely independent of the old Outlook plug-in. The MOVEit Add-in for Outlook can be deployed through the Microsoft 365 or Exchange admin center, with no client software to install or maintain.

Q. What's different about the MOVEit Add-in for Outlook from the Outlook Plug-in that I already have with MOVEit Ad Hoc?

The new MOVEit Add-in for Outlook provides an exceptional user experience that makes using and interacting with secure files intuitive and hassle-free. Unlike the Plug-in, there are no steps required for end users to install or enable the Add-in, and users can view secure packages without downloading them, as well as recall secure packages that were already sent.

Q: Can I migrate from a previous version of MOVEit to MOVEit 2022.0?

Yes. MOVEit Transfer 2022 supports "direct upgrade" (upgrade by way of running the MOVEit Transfer installer) for existing MOVEit Transfer 2020 (12.0) and newer. For directions on how to upgrade from other versions of MOVEit, please see our upgrade documentation.

Q: Where can I find documentation for the latest version of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation?

You can find all the latest MOVEit product documentation here. For release notes and to learn about the latest features, select a product (such as "MOVEit Transfer"), click "Product Documentation", and click "New Features and Updates" under "What's New".

Q: Can I get technical assistance to upgrade to MOVEit 2022.0?

Yes, technical services are available in many countries to assist you with your upgrade. Learn More.

Q: Will I need to be on an active service agreement in order to upgrade to MOVEit 2022.0?

Yes. Only customers on active service agreements are able to upgrade to MOVEit 2022.0. Customers without an active support agreement should contact their sales representative or local reseller about reinstating their support agreement.

Q: Who is eligible to be upgraded to MOVEit 2022.0?

All users with an active support contract will be given upgrade access to MOVEit 2022.0.

Q: How do I evaluate MOVEit 2022.0?

To evaluate MOVEit, you can initiate a free trial from the MOVEit product page.

Q: As a customer, how do I download the latest version?

Customers with an active support agreement can download MOVEit 2022.0 via the “My Products” link at the  Progress Community. New customers can  participate in a free trial or  request a quote directly from our sales team.

Q: What if my service contract has expired and I want to upgrade to MOVEit 2022.0?

One of the great benefits of having a current support agreement is access to the latest software features. To learn more about your options for renewing your agreement please  contact your sales representative or  your local reseller.

Q: Where can I get more information about MOVEit?

To learn more about MOVEit, visit the  MOVEit web page.


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