Secure Managed File Transfer that enables GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

File Transfer and the GDPR

Whitepaper: 7 Steps to Compliance with GDPR

Does Your File Transfer Solution
Meet the GDPR Data Protection Principles

Fair, lawful and transparent processing

"Additional care must be used when designing and implementing personal information processing activities"

Required Features

Non-repudiation validates that personal data is transferred only between authorized senders and receivers.
Centralised, fine grained access controls safeguard user credentials, permissions and personal data.

Data Security

"Personal data must be secured against internal and external threats, accidental loss, destruction and damage."

Required Features

Encryption of personal data in transit and at rest.
Integration with security infrastructure components such as Data Loss Prevention and Anti-virus solutions.


"All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that personal data is accurate."

Required Features

Automatic file integrity checking validates that a file has not been altered in transit.


"Compliance with the Data Protection Principles must be documented."

Required Features

Automated log collection in one centralized location.
Audit logs should stored in a tamper-evident database.

Storage Limitation

"Personal data should not be stored longer than necessary for the its stated purpose."

Required Features

The system should provide for pre- and post-transfer tasks including the scheduled deletion of personal data files.

Thousands of Organizations Use MOVEit to Comply with
Data Protection Regulations Like the GDPR