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Government File Transfer and Network Monitoring Solutions

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Assure the performance and availability of critical services

Optimize the performance of government services delivery infrastructure and applications

Get an end-to-end view of your IT environment to continuously monitor and find and fix problems before they impact mission critical services. An entirely new approach to visualizing and interacting with your IT environment, WhatsUp Gold's unique interactive map and intuitive workflows, accelerate problem identification and troubleshooting.

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Compliance Report Automation

Simplify the audit process. Instantly document all file transfer activities. Get the visibility and control you need to automate SLA and compliance reporting and simplify the audit process. Create custom reports or use over 50 out-of-the-box templates. Drag-and-drop elements to organize presentation of key metrics to validate compliance with SLA, regulatory and governance policies.

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Cambridgeshire Council Use Case

A frequent requirement to share health, social or child care data with emergency services and housing associations led the county council to seek a secure and reliable file transfer solution. Ipswitch software allows the council to give over 4000 users and third parties easy access to secure file transfer with complete audit trails to support regulatory compliance.

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