Managed File Transfer for iPaaS

Transfer files securely and compliantly in the cloud and on-premises with your favorite apps and services with Mulesoft’s iPaaS solution.


New technologies like SaaS, IoT, mobile applications and AI have created new requirements for file exchange systems to seamlessly integrate in hybrid environments.

Protect Business Critical Data

Using MOVEit Transfer in conjunction with Mulesoft Anypoint Connector helps ensure data being moved across MOVEit servers are HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and PCI compliant.

Predictive Analysis

Any content that deserves an audit trail even when using services through Mulesoft’s iPaaS solution can now be tracked with MOVEit’s Mulesoft Certified Connector.

Move Data Through MOVEit Transfer

Using Mulesoft’s Anypoint platform, you can move sensitive files and folders in the cloud through a MOVEit Transfer Server. This way IT can make sure security controls are in place and are notified that the data gets to its destination intact. These flows are triggered via HTTP request.

Did you know?

A big reason that point-to-point integrations are a problem is that they require extensive enterprise effort to create and manage. This makes integration efforts more expensive and time-consuming since each integration also requires managing user credentials, certificates and endpoint configuration.

The Role of MFT in Integration

Many of today’s MFT systems are still relying on point-to-point integrations with other partner systems and have no centralized way to view and control activities in real-time.

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iPaaS for Managed File Transfer

IT teams need to integrate and connect with cloud and on-premises services, apps, and processes all the time these days. With iPaaS, IT can make those connections a reality. Adding MOVEit to these flows can ensure security and compliance.

Terms to know

  • iPaaS: This stands for integration platform as a service. This is a tool for connecting and integrating apps, services, and processes in today’s hybrid cloud environments.
  • API: A way for programs and services that aren’t inherently related to be able to communicate with each other. APIs are a huge part of integrations.
  • Anypoint Exchange: Mulesoft’s iPaaS solution that is essentially a marketplace where IT teams can create application flows and integrations that were not possible out of the box.

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