MOVEit 2018 Brings Enhanced Visiblity, Productivity and Interoperability, Plus MOVEit Cloud for the EU.

We've enhanced MOVEit with new dashboards, new REST API, support for PowerShell and Amazon S3, secure collaboration for your end-users and a new multi-platform, drag-and-drop client.  MOVEit Cloud, our MFT-as-a-Service offering, is now available in the EU (with local hosting) and ready to handle your GDPR compliance needs.

secure collaboration

Improved Visibility & Productivity

New! MOVEit Transfer Live View
Now users can view a live dashboard showing in-progress and recently completed file transfer activities in real time. This makes it easier for administrators or NOC staff to see transfer status at a glance and identify and resolve issues more quickly.  
New! MOVEit Automation Dashboard
Administrators can now display a dashboard showing recent activities and critical system metrics in order to easily view actionable data and keep their automated tasks running smoothly.
New! Sign On Acceptance
To ensure compliance administrators can now require all users to agree with a customizable policy when signing on. This agreement is indicated via a checkbox and all user agreements to all policies are maintained in an auditable log.
New! Microsoft Azure SQL Database
MOVEit now includes support for the Azure SQL database which allows users to reduce licensing and operational costs when deploying MOVEit Transfer in the cloud.

Enhanced Interoperability

Inbound REST APIs for MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation.
Now users can create custom integrations between external applications and services and MOVEit. Our new REST API enables the initiation of administrative tasks, file movements or tasks within MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation.

Outbound PowerShell Support for MOVEit Automation
MOVEit Automation users can now make outbound calls, using PowerShell, to external RESTful web services. The returned data can be used in Task workflows. This allows an almost unlimited amount of customization for specific tasks with very little coding.

Support for Amazon S3
MOVEit Automation can now access Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) buckets as native hosts. This allows the use of cloud storage as either the source or destination for transfers and authenticated via AWS keys. Users can copy files to or from any S3 bucket that is connected to their AWS account.

Secure Collaboration & Ease-of-Use

Secure Folder Sharing
MOVEit administrators can now provide internal and external users access to an easy, drag-and-drop collaboration capability with all of the security and compliance assurances built into the organizations existing MOVEit implementation
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MOVEit Client
Customers can now download a free desktop client with a dynamic user interface. This simple, zero-training required tool works on both Windows and MacOS platforms to ensure security and compliance in end-user ad hoc transfers.

MFT-as-a-Service for EU Customers

EU-based data centers and a GDPR Compliance Toolkit
Extends our Managed File Transfer cloud-hosted service offering to EU customers. With MOVEit's advanced security features, the ability to keep your data in the EU and our security and compliance capabilities, you can have a GDPR Ready MFT implementation up an running quickly.


We've also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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