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Secure File Transfer Software

When secure file transfer becomes mission-critical, IT teams need the power, flexibility and security provided by Ipswitch file transfer solutions.

Secure, Powerful, Easy-to-Use Secure File Transfer Solutions

When secure file transfer becomes mission-critical, IT teams need the power, flexibility and security provided by our secure file transfer solutions.

FTP Client

WS_FTP Professional lets you upload, download and synch files securely over SSH or SSL from your Windows desktop.

FTP Server

WS_FTP Server gives you the business-grade management features required when success depends on routine, reliable file transfers.

Managed File Transfer

MOVEit provides the security and control required for high-volume, secure file transfer and SLA and regulatory compliance.


Managed File Transfer

In today’s information-based economy, the exchange of data with customers, remote employees and external partners increasingly becomes a core business operation. Shadow IT solutions such as email and cloud-based file share solutions, or disparate FTP server based processes can leave your organization vulnerable to missed SLAs, data loss, data theft or fines for non-compliance with data protection regulations. Managed File Transfer has proven to be the best solution when requirements include large volumes of daily file transfers, guaranteed delivery and regulatory or SLA compliance.

MOVEit offers the highest levels of secure file transfer and full management visibility while also providing user convenience through email and web browser clients. A flexible deployment model including cloud and on-premises offerings enables an exact fit to your security and operational needs.

Use MOVEit Managed File Transfer Software for large secure file transfer volumes that are business critical

Managed File Transfer Software

MOVEit ensures secure file transfer between users, systems, customers and partners. Advanced management capabilities give you visibility and control over all data transfer activity through a single, secure system.

A flexible architecture lets you choose the optimal deployment model to fit your security and infrastructure operations needs. MOVEit's automation features are second to none and it offers guaranteed delivery and non-repudiation.

Use MOVEit when you have large secure file transfer volumes that are business critical and/or you are externally sharing sensitive data and need to assure regulatory compliance.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

When secure file transfer volumes are moderate but sharing data between offices or with external partners is business critical, FTP is an attractive solution. Because it dates back to the early days of the internet, it enjoys universal support and therefore remains a popular option for many companies.

The original FTP protocol, however, provided little in the way of security. In fact, many servers leveraging the older FTP protocol are configured in 'Anonymous' mode which means a user ID is not required for access and the password is often 'Password'.

Over the years, important security feature additions were made in the form of SFTP, which adds secure shell capabilities in the form of SSH, and FTPS which leverages SSL technology. SSH file transfer protocol or SFTP is by far the most popular secure implementation of FTP.  SFTP provides file encryption to prevent data loss if the files are intercepted in the upload/download processes. In order to leverage the security provided, both an SFTP client and server must be used as per the requirements of SSH.

When security is a concern, it is important to assure that either SFTP or FTPS protocols are supported by your FTP server and clients. 

Ipswitch's WS_FTP product line provides both an effective, highly manageable FTP server and the ability to provide each user an SSH client assuring both reliability and security for data sharing processes.

FTP Server and Client Software

Business-Grade FTP Software

WS_FTP Server is the right solution when your business requirements surpass freeware FTP products. It allows you to assign user permissions for file upload, download, deletion and renaming and to create directories. It also supports transfers over FTP, SSH / SFTP, or SSL / FTPS.

Our WS_FTP client has the highest levels of encryption, is easily customized and works with SSH enable FTP servers including WS_FTP Server and MOVEit.

WS_FTP-Server - the business-grade FTP software

5 Factors that Determine the Best Secure File Transfer Solution

Volume of Daily Transfers

Once secure file transfer becomes a business requirement, automation becomes a best practice. Using manual methods, users may upload to the wrong folders, forget passwords or inadvertently delete folders. Manual email notifications may sit in draft or be sent to the wrong address. Automating upload, download, notification and other processes minimizes the risk of error and goes a long way toward ensuring security.

If the volume of transfers is moderate then an FTP server with user written scripts may be sufficient. As the number of transfer processes increases, however, the overhead of maintaining and updating scripts becomes a problem. As time goes on script authors leave. Updating orphaned scripts can be more labor intensive than writing new scripts. With increase numbers of transfer jobs, the tax on IT pro labor can become prohibitive.

At this point an MFT secure file transfer solutions with drag-and-drop workflow creation is likely required. Products like MOVEit provide powerful automation capabilities including complex logic to make task creation and updating easy.

Size of Files

In most business process applications, the size of files being transferred are below 10 Mbyte. But, besides security, one of the biggest reasons for moving beyond email as a file transfer solution is to transfer large files. Below 500 Mbytes, either FTP or MFT are appropriate solutions for secure file transfer.

Once files exceed that size, however, transmission times can become problematic and an Accelerated File Transfer solution is required. Both FTP and MFT typically rely on TCP as the underlying transport protocol. TCP adds a layer of overhead that can stretch send times to hours or days.

Accelerated File Transfer offerings often use UDP to offer orders of magnitude faster transmission while maintaining file integrity and security.

Guaranteed Delivery

Data exchanged between locations or partners is usually integral to a core business process. Management visibility and control features that track file transmission activity and provide proof of file delivery are absent in most FTP solutions. If guaranteed deliver is a requirement, MFT is the appropriate path.

Data Security

External file transmissions expose data to the public internet. If the data being shared is proprietary, classified, restricted or subject to data protection regulations, security is an imperative. In cases where regulatory compliance audits are concerned, FTP is a risky proposition. Many audit firms consider FTP sprawl to be a red flag issue. MFT, however, provides considerable advantages including hardened systems, encryption of data at rest, advanced user access controls and tamper evident audit trails.


When data transfer with external partners is a key process, the appropriateness of the solution can be a competitive differentiator. Managed File Transfer (MFT) systems often provide the security, convenience and speed of adoption that make host organizations a competitive asset.


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