Managed File Transfer for Banking and Finance

Managed File Transfer is widely recognized as the preferred alternative to FTP and cloud-based services for secure and compliant external file transfers of sensitive financial and PII data.

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Data Loss Prevention is a Top Security Concern

Whether the driver is brand protection, recent high-profile breaches, or the risk of a non-compliance finding, preventing the loss of sensitive financial or PII data is a top concern of banking and financial services enterprises. Risk and Compliance groups are mandating tighter security controls to comply with SEC, FINRA oversight and PCI-DSS, GDPR and Sarbanes-Oxley mandates. Data in motion is data at risk and particular attention must be paid to the security and compliance of your external file transfer processes.


FTP and Cloud-Based File Share Approaches are Risky

FTP, simply does not enable the multiple layers of security and controls required to comply with data protection regulations. Cloud-based file share, while an attractive alternative because of its ease of use for ad hoc file transfers, can pose a significant risk of non-compliance findings. Increasingly, banking and financial services teams are moving to Managed File Transfer systems to secure ACH, mortgage approval, and other external transmission processes.

MOVEit® Managed File Transfer is the Solution

The MOVEit Managed File Transfer system provides a multi-layer security environment, automation of governance controls and a flexible architecture that supports high-availability deployments. Its ease-of-use features enable agility to comply with changing business and security demands. MOVEit's built in audit trail, reporting, and automation features enable the easy implementation of the most demanding security and compliance controls.

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Secure Integration
  • Accommodates customer security policies
  • Choice of authentication methods
  • No security risk to client infrastructure
Guaranteed Delivery
  • Confirmation and proof of delivery
  • Automatic failover and recovery
  • Restart of failed transmissions
End-to-End Protection
  • Strong, end-to-end cryptography
  • Secure key management
  • Secure, automated data deletion
Visibility of Data Flows
  • Centralized management of transfers
  • Easy tracking of data flows
  • Tamper proof audit trail of events

Customer Success Stories

See how these customers improved operational efficiency and achieved regulatory compliance with MOVEit Managed File Transfer.

NCSECU Replaces FTP and Increases Agility with MOVEit

The State Employee Credit Union (SECU) of North Carolina has a mission to provide the best possible online financial services to its 2 million members. In order to better meet that mission, the IT team implemented MOVEit Managed File Transfer to solve serious file transfer problems that stemmed from the lack of centralized, automated task management.

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Primax Meets PCI Compliance Requirements with MOVEit

Complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is critical to Primax and its customers throughout the United States. Primax was using PGP encrypted email to transfer data files with their customers, but a recent PCI security assessment indicated that they needed a more secure solution to comply with PCI DSS standards.

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