Data Sheet

MOVEit Automation Comparison

Which MOVEit Automation is right for you?

Take a look at the charts below to determine which version of MOVEit Automation (previously known as MOVEit Central)is right for your organization.

File Transfer ProtocolsCorporate EditionEnterprise Edition
SMTP/POP (Email)  
CIFS/SMB (Accessing network storage via UNC)  
EDIINT AS1, AS2, & AS3 Optional
SecurityCorporate EditionEnterprise Edition
Built-in End-to-End Encryption  
Transport Encryption (“Data-in-Transit”)  
FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography  
Encrypted Administrative Access  
File Integrity Checking  
Non-Repudiation / Guaranteed Delivery  
Anti-Virus Integration (McAfee, Symantec & Trend Micro)  
Cryptographic Tamper-Evident Logging  
PGP File EncryptionOptional - Limited to 10 KeysOptional - Unlimited Keys
Automation & ProductivityCorporate EditionEnterprise Edition
Easily Manage Complex Workflows and Implement Granular Rules  
Task Builder – “Click Together” Thousands of Tasks  
Run Process on a Scheduled, Event-Driven & On-Demand Basis  
Multiple Tasks Can Be Run Together Simultaneously  
Pull, Process & Push Files Among All Platforms/Architectures/OS's  
Synchronization of Files and Folders on Different Systems  
Built-in Scripts and Macros  
Advanced Tasks with Conditional Logic  
Ability to use Custom Scripting  
API for Custom Programming Optional
Number of Pre-Configured TasksUp to 50Up to 5000
Number of Simultaneously Run TasksUp to 20Up to 100
AdministrationCorporate EditionEnterprise Edition
Remote Host, Task Management and Task Execution Monitoring  
Unlimited Simultaneous Local/Remote Users  
Integration with Microsoft SQL Server  
Delegation of Permissions (Host/Tasks, Groups/Users)  
Number of Hosts10Unlimited
High AvailabilityCorporate EditionEnterprise Edition
Automatic Checkpoint Restart  
Alternate Host with Automatic Rollover  
Automatic Failover Node License Optional

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