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Automating Patient Surveys

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Tracking Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is top of mind for your healthcare organization. Collecting and processing information about a patient’s experience can help improve the overall quality of care and streamline operational procedures. High patient satisfaction ratings are a key way to build a positive brand, improve their reputation and attract new patients. As well, higher ratings on HCAHPS results may translate to better payouts by Medicare for the same services performed on patients when compared to a lower ranked healthcare institution.

How Automated is Your HCAHPS Process?

If patient surveys are processed by a stand-alone FTP server and automated by homegrown scripts, you could be facing these common IT team challenges:

  • Script development is time consuming and maintenance is expensive
  • It is difficult to guarantee the resulting workflows are HIPAA compliant
  • You have no visibility as to the success of a transfer
  • Obsolete scripts from authors who have left the team are a security threat

MOVEit customers consolidate all of their file transfer needs, including HCAHPS surveys, into one system with complete manageability, access control, visibility.

Streamlining IT Workloads

MOVEit Automation provides the industry's most user friendly workflow and task development system. Use it to regularly move data output from your Epic system, packaged it as needed and transfer it to your survey group. You can use MOVEIt automation to manage multiple scripts from one location. Or, better yet, replace those scripts and eliminate the need for advanced programming skills and the risk of obsolescence, or non-compliance. Less time programming and managing tasks and workflows allows you to streamline IT workflows and add value elsewhere.

Assuring Security and Compliance

Many of our customers optimize their survey process by customizing each survey with the questions about the care the patient actually received. The information transferred is Protected Health Information and must be handled securely and in compliance with HIPAA.

MOVEit Transfer offers encryption of data at rest and in transit, integration with your organizations security and authentication infrastructure and flexibility to assure physical and environmental security requirements. No other file transfer system offers more features to assure your compliance with internal and external SLAs and data protection regulations.


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