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Automating Medical Billing and Payment

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The Lifeblood of Your Organization

Billing is the lifeblood of any healthcare practice. Collecting money for services rendered enables your organization to cover operating costs and improve the patient care services. IT organizations are under pressure to keep the medical billing process be as smooth, reliable and efficient as possible.

How Automated is Your Billing and Payment Process?

Chances are your IT organization has to transmit thousands of 837 health care claim and 835 payment and remittance advice forms a day. Your payer organizations may even provide incentive SLAs for expedited handling. Your financial team and management want these claims to be handle quickly and efficiently to reduce outstanding payment times.

Prior to MOVEit, many of our customers were leveraging scripts and FTP servers to run their billing processes. This was creating challenges for their IT teams:

  • Script development is time consuming and maintenance is expensive
  • It is difficult to guarantee the resulting workflows are compliant with data protection regulations like HIPAA or GDPR
  • You have no visibility as to the success of a transfer
  • Obsolete scripts from authors who have left the team are a security threat

Compounding the problem their other core file transfer processes ran across a disparate set of FTP servers with no common management environment.

MOVEit enabled them to consolidate all of their file transfer needs into one system with complete manageability, access control, visibility.

Streamlining IT Workloads

MOVEit Automation provides the industry's most user friendly workflow and task development system.  Use it to manage scripts across all your FTP servers from one location. Or, better yet, replace those scripts and eliminate the need for advanced programming skills and the risk of obsolescence, or non-compliance. Less time programming and managing tasks and workflows allows you to streamline IT workflows and add value elsewhere.

Assuring Security and Compliance

MOVEit Transfer offers encryption of data at rest and in transit, integration with your organizations security and authentication infrastructure and flexibility to assure physical and environmental security requirements. No other file transfer system offers more features to assure your compliance with internal and external SLAs and data protection regulations. Our SaaS offering, MOVEit Cloud, is based on the same technology as our on-premise offerings and is fully certified to be both HIPAA and PCI compliant.  For organizations dealing with the US or Canadian government healthcare systems, MOVEit is also the only system to be FIPS 140-2 certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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