MOVEit® Services

MOVEit Automation Implementation

Service Description

Our Implementation Service is designed to provide the flexibility needed for a tailored implementation and configuration. One of our Technical Consultants will undertake the core implementation activities as well as up to 3 hours including installation and post-implementation options.


MOVEit Automation Implementation Services allow your system administrators or support personnel to work with our Technical Consultants to accomplish the following:

  • Project planning
    • Discuss implementation strategy
    • Verify prerequisites
    • Schedule activities
  • Implementation
    • Install the MOVEit Automation software
    • Discuss backup procedures

Once the core Implementation Service activities are complete, customers will be able to select items from the list below to exhaust the remaining time:

  • Disaster recovery install/setup
  • Product consulting
  • Host and template task creation
  • External admin/user access
  • Global parameters
  • Import SSH & PGP keys and SSL certificates.
  • Workflow setup
  • AS2 configuration
  • Configure service to run as a domain user
  • Task groups and permissions
  • Define database/log retention settings.

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