MOVEit® Services

MOVEit Automation Administrator Training

MOVEit Automation provides advanced workflow automation capabilities without the need for scripting. MOVEit Automation works with MOVEit Transfer or any other similar file transfer systems (including FTPs) to quickly automate new workflows, significantly reducing the likelihood of error in repetitive processes.

During the MOVEit Automation Administrator Training, you will develop the skills needed to perform MOVEit Automation Administration.

The training is delivered in two parts.

MOVEit Online Training Videos

Access will be granted to up to 10 admins for 1 year starting as soon as we receive the user contact information from you

Personalized Training (1 Hour) *

After you get a chance to review the online videos, you can schedule your personalized live training session

* There is 1-personalized training session per sale. All sessions must be completed within 6-months of purchase.

Online training videos cover topics:

  • What is the dashboard and how to navigate it
Hosts Tab
  • Search and filters
  • Diferent types of hosts
  • Options within hosts/best practices
Tasks Tab
  • Diferent types of tasks
  • How to build a Task
  • Options within tasks/best practices
  • Task reporting and audit trail
Resources Tab
  • Scripts
    • Built-in scripts vs. custom scripts
    • Filtering to a script
  • Date lists
  • Key and certs
    • How to import and create a cert
  • Global parameters
  • Groups and permissions
    • How to create groups locally or from active directory
Reports Tab
  • Task run
  • File activity
  • Audit
System Tab
  • Settings
  • System logs
User Options
  • User preferences
Help Menu
  • Help with hosts
  • MOVEit Automation help
  • MOVEit Community
Commands Menu
  • Scheduler config actions
  • Other actions

The personalized live training portion is customized and takes a deeper look at the topics of your choice. Let us know what you are most interested in learning and we will tailor the training to your needs.

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