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File Transfer Encryption: Why You Need It and How to Implement It

In 2019, encryption is everywhere. It’s a standard feature on your iPhone, your messaging program of choice, and your file transfer tools. Encryption has gotten so powerful that the federal government wants a backdoor into consumer apps and devices, and criminals have weaponized it to great financial success. And encryption is an essential piece of any security program, and especially any file transfer system. In this eBook, we’ll set out to explain what encryption is, and why you should be using it in the daily transfer and storage of files, as well as some popular encryption programs and protocols.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • What encryption is and why it’s necessary
  • The difference between PGP, OpenPGP, and GnuPG
  • The difference between encrypting data at rest and in transit
  • About protocols like FTPS, SFTP, and HTTPS

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