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Accessing Cloud Resources with MOVEit Automation

By using a single tool like PowerShell, you can access your data wherever it is stored. Once you ve pulled your data from the cloud, you can use a tool like MOVEit Automation to process it or send it somewhere else.

Accessing MOVEit with PowerShell

Chances are at least some of your data does not reside inside the confines of your own datacenter anymore. Your organization has most likely seen the benefit of offloading various IT services to the cloud to services like:

  • Amazon Web Servers (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dropbox

It’s important to know how to properly manage this data. Whether you’re running entire virtual machines in the cloud through an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service or have decided to hand over the responsibilities of server provisioning and went with a Platform or Software as a Service (PaaS/ Saas) it’s critical that you still know how to get to the data that’s being generated. This eBook offers an overview on developing PowerShell scripts to access cloud data.

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