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Secure WS_FTP Server

Proven, Reliable, Secure FTP Server

Proven, effective, easy-to-use file transfer solution. Secure data in transit while integrating programmable methodologies that simplify file transfer tasks and improve efficiency. Improve control, visibility and security over file transfer activities by implementing safeguards against information leaks and data breaches.

Trusted Choice

WS_FTP Server has a proven track record of reliability and security, having transferred and protected the most confidential information in security sensitive industries for over 20 years.

Secure Your Most Sensitive Data

Enhanced security features include:

FTP/SSL/FTPSSCP2Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
SSH/SFTPTLS 1.2Default 2048 bit SSL certificate and SSH host key. Users can also choose 3072 or 4096 bit
OpenSSL 1.0.2zfFIPS-140-2 
SHA-2256-bit AES encryption over SSL 

Empower IT with Control and Efficiency

  • Fast, Easy, Automated Installation
    • Complete the entire installation process in under 10 minutes
    • Automatically handles all pre-requisite install requirements (including .NET and IIS)
    • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard/Enterprise
    • Supports deployment to the Windows Server 2022 Operating System
  • Authentication and Usage Governance
    • Active Directory, ODBC and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Integration
    • Control user access by adding/deleting authorized users to the WS_FTP Server Web Transfer access list, grant privileges and monitor usage
    • WS_FTP Server’s architecture keeps your data on-site; securely share data with people and partners inside and outside your organization
  • Technical Support from Real People
    • Live Progress support professionals answer phone calls
    • Quick response to email queries

Meet the Needs of Today’s Organizations

  • Improved User Productivity
    • An intuitive Ad Hoc module provides a simple and secure alternative to common workflow for sharing files including email, messaging, and USB drives
  • Scalable System with Efficiency Integration
    • Easily add servers to your network as capacity requirements increase
    • WS_FTP Professional Client’s integrated scripting utility provides IT with the flexibility to integrate programmable methodologies that simplify file transfer tasks and save time
    • Seamlessly add MOVEit Automation to benefit from advanced capabilities including automatic scheduling of batch transfers
  • High Availability
    • Ensures uninterrupted file transfer service for increased uptime, reliability and performance (available with optional failover configuration)
 CapabilityBasic EditionSecure EditionPremium Edition
EnforcementExternal authentication (AD; NT; ODBC)  Includes LDAP
Encryption and protocol rules









SCP2 (Secure Copy)

Multi-Factor Authentication   
SCP2 (Secure Copy)-- 
TLS 1.2   
OpenSSL 1.0.2zf   
User provisioning, access and permissions   
Password policies   
Rules for IP and user lockout   
Set user quotas   
FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography-  
File extension rules   
File deletion rules   
User management rules   
Rules for alerts and notifications   
File integrity checking   
Administrative delegation of duties   
VisibilityServer logs of all file transfer activity notifications   
Syslog integration   
Automatic alerts and notifications   
ManagementVirtualized platform support   
LDAP support-- 
Simultaneous internal & external DBs   
WS_FTP Professional Client Licenses555
Workflow and scheduling (with MOVEit® Automation)OptionalOptionalOptional
Web Transfer Module (HTTP/S): Browser transfers with WS_FTP Server--Unlimited
Ad Hoc Transfer Module: Person-to-person transfers-25Unlimited
Outlook plug-in for Ad Hoc Transfer-25Unlimited
Failover configuration for high availability-OptionalOptional
Hosts/Domains: unlimited   
User Accounts: unlimited   

WS_FTP Server Integrated Ad Hoc Transfer Module

  • Ad Hoc Transfer module lets users send files securely to one or more individuals by sending an email via a Microsoft® Outlook® plugin (2013 and 2016) or their web browser. With this module, organizations can improve the way they manage file transfer interactions and apply encryption, access control and authentication, digital loss prevention, and content management.

WS_FTP Server Optional Feature

  • Failover option ensures high availability by deploying a second WS_FTP Server in a failover configuration. This is especially important in meeting service-level agreements or ensuring that other mission-critical processes are always up and running. With failover, organizations can ensure uninterrupted file transfer service for increased uptime, reliability, and performance.

See for yourself why tens of thousands of customers and millions of users around the globe trust WS_FTP for its security, quality and reliability.

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