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How to Make File Transfer Easy for Users

Like many companies, Continental Automotive relied on complex and unwieldy file transfer processes. With users requesting many one-time-only transfers, they were spending too much time and money creating scripts for what should be a simple, automated, and secure process.


How Continental Ditched Their Scripts

With five divisions and a global network, Continental Automotive has a lot of data to transfer between several thousand internal and external customers, suppliers and users. Read how Continental was able to create fast, secure and easy methods to exchange an ever-growing number of large files.

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Bottom Line

“The whole file transfer process with internal users and partners is now less time-consuming, more efficient and less expensive.”

John Miller, Continental

Guided Tour: Eliminating Scripts

Scripting can be one of the most time consuming tasks, especially when users are requesting file transfer that occur just once. Take our guided tour to see how you can eliminate manual file transfer scripts and make life less complex.