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How to Shift Gears from Manual to Automatic File Transfers Without Scripting

Every IT team wants to steer clear from the inefficiencies and costs that come from managing file transfer scripts needed to support important business functions. Below we showcase a customer's automation success story and a video on script-free file transfer automation.

Next Stop: Secure File Transfer

Read how a bus manufacturer permanently parked a fleet of home-grown FTP programs and adopted secure file transfer to automate processes and make it easy for users to safely and reliably send business documents to customers and vendors.

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Bottom Line

Automation, easy self-service for users, and locking down data in transit and at rest drove the need for this bus manufacturer to move to a managed, secure file transfer system.

Guided Tour: Eliminating Scripts

Scripting can be one of the most time consuming tasks. If you are developing your own for file transfers, you’ll need multiple scripts per server and cluster, in different languages like Powershell and Perl. Take our guided tour to see how you can eliminate manual file transfer scripts and make life less complex.


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