MOVEit 2017 Plus Enhances Security with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

MOVEit 2017 Plus Enhances Security with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)


Introducing the new and improved MOVEit 2017 Plus. MOVEit 2017 Plus adds important security features, such as multifactor authentication. 

MOVEit 2017 Plus is now available and includes new features, such as multifactor authentication and credential improvements as another security layer. These features help ensure the authorized access of data in transit and at rest. This update represents Ipswitch's continuous effort to provide an excellent information security solution for today's threat landscape. 

In the video below, Principal Product Manager for MOVEit, Jim Cashman, talks about the new features in more detail.


How Does Multifactor Authentication Protect MOVEit?

Multi-factor authentication protects MOVEit Transfer accounts from unverified users when a user's account password is lost, stolen, or compromised. To verify user identity, MOVEit Transfer gives users private access to a uniquely-generated verification code (made available to the user either by email or mobile app). This additional verification step ensures user sign on is genuine.

"Very simple to implement, seems to work quite well.  If we were to start using user-level accounts this would be an option for our “C-level” users", explains Jason Hanks about the new feature in MOVEit 2017 Plus. 

This feature set includes:

  • Admin-level UI controls that enable site administrators to 'implement multi-factor authentication as policy' in just a few clicks.
  • Online guide/wizard (tested with users/usability session volunteers) that guides end-users through the app/email verification and setup needed for multi-factor authentication.
  • UI controls that enable administrator to require multi-factor authentication policy only for selected user classes.
  • UI controls that enable administrators to exempt specific users.
  • Users can optionally 'opt in' to use multi-factor authentication when it is not required by policy.
  • User identity verification using either a secure email account or mobile authenticator app.

MOVEit 2017 Plus is now available to download as an update to customers or as a free trial.


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