Protect Your Data and Integrate Secure File Transfer with Antivirus

Protect Your Data and Integrate Secure File Transfer with Antivirus

Every day, files are exchanged between your systems, employees, and business partners on a global scale - but are they integrated with an antivirus solution? It’s no secret that with each file transfer, your organization faces potential exposure to viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware – and the damaged files, corrupted applications, reduced performance and other adverse business effects that come with them.

Are your file transfers as safe as they can be? Specifically, when you receive inbound files, are you doing all you can to protect your IT infrastructure from the risk of viruses and malware? Are your outbound data and file transfers “clean,” so you don’t expose your trading partners to any viruses that might be undetected in your systems?

Ipswitch MOVEit offers the ability to integrate with specific antivirus (AV)  solutions. MOVEit supports ICAP integration with Symantec, Sophos and McAfee anti-virus, including server-based solutions, appliances and solutions using ICAP RFC 3507 and headers specific to AV vendors. The AV implementation works by streaming files over to an AV box, appliance, or service.

Note – with MOVEit, your files will be streamed to the file transfer antivirus solution for scanning prior to entering your internal network, which raises two critically important points:

  1. Be certain the specified AV scanning destination is protected and secured – your potentially sensitive (encrypted) data will be flowing to and from this destination.
  2. MOVEit scans payloads for virus before they enter you internal network, drastically reducing the liability assumed with the majority of other premise-based MFT implementations on the market today.  This means a dirty payload doesn’t get past your gate, whereas most MFT solutions will have to ‘lower the drawbridge’ in order to disposition a file.

The end user view of an AV scan is simple – any file upload to a MOVEit server has to pass the AV scan to appear in your folders or be sent as a package.  This includes a simple manual upload to a folder, a mobile file send, or system- to-system automation via DMZ folders and MOVEit Central.  Files are scanned and validated to ensure that they are free of viruses, trojans, malware and other malicious threats. If an infected file is detected MOVEit will immediately:

  1. Reject the transfer of the infected file
  2. Alert the end user that the upload failed due to virus detection
  3. Log the virus, timestamp, the scan engine, version and definition tag
  4. Report the list of infected files that have been detected during a specified time period

By integrating your antivirus solution with your managed file transfer solution, you ensure that all the files you receive are scanned before they enter your network. Not only does this protect your applications, data and valuable IT assets, but it prevents you from accidentally passing on any viruses that may exist in your systems.

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