Bring Some Turkey to the Server Room This Thanksgiving

Bring Some Turkey to the Server Room This Thanksgiving

With the holiday’s right around the corner, it is time to give thanks for the people that are really important in your life—like your SysAdmin. 

Whether you see it or not, your Syadmin is one of the most essential people in the office. SysAdmins ensure that the network remains online and available so that you can access critical applications and be productive in your job function. It’s not an easy job and the general lack of appreciation this group feels only adds to the strain. 

So, in hopes of easing that strain, here are some creative ways to say thanks this holiday season: 

Say Thank You, Really: 

Just like you, Sysadmins work hard, and just like you, they appreciate being recognized for that had work.

While some may think SysAdmins are knights in shining armor with a steel sword, it’s time their Halloween costumes come off and we realize they're just regular people who would like to hear a simple “thank you” or “I couldn’t get my job done without you.”

Reboot Your Computer:

"Did you turn it off and on again?" this is the questions IT Helpdesk personnel repeat day in and day out, and even in their dreams. Oftentimes, a misconfigured computer can be sorted out with a simple reboot, so please, before you submit that ticket, try restarting your machine first!

Give Them Some Reading Materials:

Here at Progress Ipswitch we do what we can to make the IT team's life easier. Sure we make and sell software that accomplishes this goal, but we also do our best to provide up-to-date and relevant whitepapers, webinars, and eBooks to help keep Sysadmins on top of the ever-changing IT landscape. 

We've got a long list of resources that can cover many IT essentials, from network and application monitoring, to infosecurity, to compliance and regulations. Feel free to dig in and find something useful to send to your Sysadmin, or even just to educate yourself.

You can access our full resource library here.

Bring Some Turkey to the Server Room

IT pros often work in isolation, sequestered away from the general workforce, where they can focus on the task at hand. While that's all very good for focus, it can also mean that IT pros miss events, and the general social atmosphere of the office. Next time you have a social event, and notice your IT team isn't there, check for them at their desks, or in the server room, where they may be hard at work. By involving that hardworking IT pro in your event, you might just make their day. 

So this year, when you're thinking about who you should be thankful for, make sure your SysAdmin is at the top of your nice list—and put your bad IT habits on the naughty list, along with your weak passwords.

These IT pros work hard to arm their colleagues with the technology and support that is needed to do their jobs. Offer them some relief, invite them over for Thanksgiving dessert and make sure you are the one saying a humble “thank you."

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