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8 Easy Ways to Celebrate SysAdmin Day

8 Easy Ways to Celebrate SysAdmin Day

Today marks the 16th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day, also known as SysAdmin Day. This is a day where everyone should take a moment to thank their SysAdmins (and pretty much everyone else on their IT team) for their hard work. IT pros like SysAdmins get far more complaints than compliments on a day-to-day basis. So go find time today to walk over to the IT department or drop a note to someone who’s been particularly helpful and say thanks.

How else can you celebrate SysAdmin Day? Easy.

  1. Share one or more of our “IT Pro Therapy” cartoons with your IT pros. Everyone deserves a laugh. (scroll down to see, save and share our first 5 cartoons)
  2. Reboot your computer before approaching the help desk. What’s not to appreciate about that?
  3. Don’t attempt to open a trouble ticket in-person when walking past one of your SysAdmins. They appreciate a “hello” like the rest of us.
  4. Spare your SysAdmin from a BYOD headache and let them know what kind of personal devices you use on the company network. Based on our recent survey, nearly one in six SysAdmins (17 percent) indicated that they spend a massive 60-80 percent of their time dealing with frustrations within their network.
  5. Start the day off with a clean slate and purge your email - junk, sent and deleted mail, large attachments and extensive email threads.
  6. If you really want to blow away your SysAdmin, start cleaning house on your shared servers. Nothing says “thank you” better than freeing up space on the network.
  7. Buy the IT team lunch today, or gather up for ice cream this afternoon. Nothing says "thank you" like a pizza.
  8. Share free network management tools and free Microsoft application monitoring tools that help SysAdmins' workdays become a little easier.

Picturing life without your SysAdmin is a scary thought. Wi-Fi, VPN and printing problems would all be yours to solve. Forget your password? Too bad. No SysAdmin, no reset. Your software app running slow? Only your resident IT pro can fix that for you.Your SysAdmins work hard to keep the organization humming along, so make sure to give them a simple “thank you” today, and throughout the year.

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