Case Study

Law Firm Stephenson Harwood Shares Large Files Securely with MOVEit

MOVEit File Transfer provides Stephenson Harwood visibility into all data activities and the ability to proactively manage and automate all internal and external file interactions.

The Challenge

Stephenson Harwood Legal is an international law firm, based in London, providing expert local knowledge in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Middle East. It has over 150 partners and 1000 staff worldwide offering a full range of legal services in five sectors: energy, financial services, projects and infrastructure, real estate and transportation. Harwood & Stephenson was first established in 1875 following William Harwood's return to London having practiced in China where he developed extensive contacts within the financial industry. Stephenson Harwood was named 'Law firm of the year' at the 2009 British Legal Awards.

For organizations dealing with highly sensitive information, data security is an operational and, at the same time, regulatory imperative. An organization that fails to protect a customer’s financial information faces the threat of losing customers—whether they are individuals or businesses—along with a tarnished reputation, class-action lawsuits, and the loss of competitive advantage. Security, therefore, is paramount when handling data. “Working with banks and financial services, all the data we handle is highly confidential,” said Chris Petrie, Director of IT, Stephenson Harwood. "Our security is routinely audited by these organizations and they expect us to meet their standards.”

Over the years, Stephenson Harwood have utilized all the various secure methods of data transfer to enable them to share data between the company and its clients including encrypted USB keys, encrypted drives, encrypted email and tunnels. However, to address the demands and capabilities of all of its clients, it required a more flexible product, capable of being setup very quickly for any type of client and of handling large files.

The Vision

“What we were looking for was a way of being able to pass data between companies that weren’t as well prepared as some of the large financial organizations that we were dealing with,” explained Petrie. “We were looking for a solution that is completely secure, quick and easy to set up transfers, could handle large files, create an audit log of what had been transferred in and out, and provide confirmation that the client received the files exactly as they were sent, and when the files were actually received by the client."

The Solution

Stephenson Harwood approached HANDD Business Solutions, a leading independent provider of Managed File Transfer, FTP and Data Automation solutions, to find the best approach to fit its business objectives and technical requirements. Following the consultation they both agreed that MOVEit File Transfer was the best solution to help manage and share its data.

MOVEit File Transfer is the most secure managed file transfer solution on the market. It enables companies to securely manage all data interactions while also delivering policy enforcement and complete visibility into all file transfer and file sharing activities. MOVEit File Transfer is optimized for mission-critical encrypted file, message and data transfers with global vendors and partners.

“The implementation of the system was completed expertly in a very short period of time by HANDD, and without any major problems,” said Petrie. “Since the installation we haven’t had any major issues at all. MOVEit File Transfer is bulletproof and doesn’t need a lot of thinking about or looking after. It’s one of those products that just does its job, which is a real pleasure.”


MOVEit File Transfer provides Stephenson Harwood with a simple and secure way to quickly share files with other people. This has been especially beneficial when the company needed to share large files, but the customers had restricted the size of files that their email client can allow.

“With MOVEit File Transfer we are safe in the knowledge that the data we are sharing is safe and secure,” enthused Petrie. “We have definitely benefitted from getting things done very quickly. It’s very easy to set up a group of recipients and organize it at short notice, which we have needed to do on a number of occasions.”

MOVEit File Transfer provides visibility into all data activities, including files, events, people, policies, processes and audits, and also the ability to proactively manage and automate all internal and external file interactions. “We now have more control of logging activity and a better picture of what has occurred. I also really like the fact that it expires users when they reach their sell by date,” concluded Petrie. “To that extent it maintains our security profile by performing self-administration. We can also get a receipt or notification of download, which has been very useful in certain circumstances. There are a lot of poor security products out there, but MOVEit is definitely one of the best.”


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