Hattiesburg Health Clinic uses MOVEit for File Transfer Automation

Case Study

Hattiesburg Clinic

Health Clinic Files Get from There to Here with No Wrong Turns Using MOVEit®


The Hattiesburg Clinic in South Mississippi has its hands full, taking care of over 500,000 Mississippians facing various health challenges. With such a burden, the last thing the sprawling clinic needs is file transfer problems. The clinic faced huge issues scripting file transfer solutions and overcame them with file transfer automation provided by MOVEit, which the clinic adopted in 2014. It turns out Managed File Transfer (MFT) was the perfect medicine for safe, efficient, compliant file transfers. 

“We don’t even think about writing those long, arduous scripts. We just go straight to MOVEit and create a task and set it up. It’s a no-brainer.”

-- Josh Hazel, Director, Clinical Server Systems, Hattiesburg Clinic