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Case Study

Why did Banco Columbia choose MOVEit®?

Faced with the need to automate basic data transfer processes, Banco Columbia looked at MOVEit.

Banco Columbia is an Argentinean private equity financial institution that offers a wide variety of services such as fixed-term investments, trading of public and private securities, savings accounts, checking accounts, safe deposit boxes, currency exchange, funds transfers and insurance policies, among others. In addition, the institution provides individual consumer credit through several channels. The Banco Columbia operational network includes more than 20 branches in Argentina, intermediate entities, marketers, and an in-house sales force.

File transfer security

Like every far-reaching financial institution, Banco Columbia handles large volumes of critical, sensitive information every day. “Previously, the verification of such information, which included several security controls to ensure data availability, confidentiality, and integrity, was done manually or was adapted to the solutions of outside entities”, according to Maximiliano Ignaciuk, Banco Columbia’s Technology Manager. “In some cases other exchange channels were used, which made security controls and management quite difficult”, he adds.

Faced with the need to automate basic data transfer processes, Banco Columbia’s upper management took a look at the MOVEit solution. “We wanted a scalable tool that could be built into our IT security protocols and that would allow us to bring additional services on-line in the future”.

Rapid implementation and full support

The implementation of MOVEit took about two months, working with a team of four IT professionals from Banco Columbia. “We were provided with highly professional technical support, including response to queries, identification of possible problems, and looking ahead to decisions that might have to be made later on in different scenarios”.

Added value for Banco Columbia

MOVEit allows Banco Columbia to streamline its information exchange process while at the same time strengthening its security controls. This helped the institution to add value to its business through more robust and secure technology. “I would recommend MOVEit because of its scalability, usability, security, and performance”, stated Maximiliano Ignaciuk.

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