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Protect Student Data In Transit

Depend on easy, secure, automated and compliant movement of student data with our file transfer server. Secure your data at rest and in transit with the highest levels of encryption. Simplify access for busy personnel with browser based file transfer while minimizing data loss risks and assuring that personal information is kept confidential.

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Assure the performance and availability of critical services

Optimize the performance of educational services delivery infrastructure and applications

Get an end-to-end view of your IT environment to continuously monitor and find and fix problems before they impact mission critical services. An entirely new approach to visualizing and interacting with your IT environment, WhatsUp Gold's unique interactive map and intuitive workflows, accelerate problem identification and troubleshooting.

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University of North Georgia use case

With systems and networks spread across 5 campuses, proactive management and administration becomes a challenge. Learn how the University of North Georgia simplified inventory audits and monitoring with WhatsUp Gold.


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