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WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition

Industry-Leading Network Monitoring for Complex Multisite Networks

WhatsUp® Gold Distributed Edition provides scalable and secure management and monitoring of any number of remote sites — out-of-the-box — from a centralized NOC.

With powerful device discovery, graphical network mapping, SNMP v1-3 and WMI monitoring, and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting capabilities, WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition provides 360° visibility, actionable intelligence, and complete control. WhatsUp Gold offers enhanced SNMP security with SNMP v3 discovery and traps.

Built on the award-winning WhatsUp Gold core architecture, WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition allows you to manage complex, geographically-dispersed network environments reliably and effectively, at the lowest possible TCO.

WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition:

  • Discovers and maps all your network devices and systems automatically
  • Notifies you proactively as problems occur on your network
  • Presents both instantaneous and historical reporting
  • Provides reliable anytime, anywhere distributed network management

For distributed enterprises, network downtime has a wide range of negative consequences
from lost productivity and tarnished reputation to lower revenue and a loss of shareholder value. Historically, organizations with multiple sites and interconnected networks have had to choose between installing disconnected solutions at each location or incurring considerable expense purchasing and supporting complex enterprise solutions.

No matter how many locations you have, WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition gives you accurate information on all your network installations, all the time. It delivers comprehensive, easy to use application and network management that reveals your entire network in minutes with powerful discovery and mapping capabilities.

Proactive and predictive SNMP and WMI monitoring, along with powerful alerting and notification features, let you quickly identify and resolve network problems. An intuitive Web-based interface uses unique maps and dashboards to deliver real-time access to more than hundreds of reports, giving you vital information to keep your network strong and healthy.

WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition delivers all the same powerful monitoring features of WhatsUp Gold in a highly scalable, low bandwidth solution for distributed environments that:

  • Provides real-time, centralized network management across multiple locations with location-specific dashboards. Continuous monitoring allows you to run each site independently if connectivity is ever lost.
  • Decreases processing loads at the central location by dispersing monitoring components to each remote site
  • Minimizes traffic on WAN links between each remote site and the central monitoring site with localized monitoring
  • Reduces false alarms from WAN link or provider equipment failures with alert dependencies
  • Delivers unlimited scalability with any number of remote sites supported from a single central NOC
  • Provides airtight security between each remote network connection and the central site with 128-bit SSL encryption and SSL over VPN
  • Generates actionable intelligence with consolidated information from each remote site. More than 150 reports can be created, including SLA compliance reports

For full details of the capabilities of WhatsUp Gold please visit https://www.ipswitch.com/network-monitoring.


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