Case Study

TriviumLindenhof Saves €80,000 by Monitoring Networks with Progress® WhatsUp® Gold

Find out how WhatsUp Gold simplified network performance monitoring and availability management for Trivium Lindenhof's offices throughout Holland.

TriviumLindenhof offers care for children, adolescents and their parents. With more than 650 specialised employees, the organisation offers outpatient services, day treatment and 24-hour care to approximately 2,500 clients a year. TriviumLindenhof has 70 locations across the metropolitan area of Rotterdam and the Zuid- Holland-Zuid region.

Ensure 24/7 uptime

About eighteen months ago TriviumLindenhof reviewed their entire IT infrastructure in an effort to enhance network availability. Monique Vink, ICT & Facility manager at TriviumLindenhof, explains:

“Our organisation offers 24/7 crisis care, so to be successful, uptime is crucial. In addition, the geographical dispersion of our locations means that we require proper IT management to avoid downtime. We needed a solution to help us monitor the 65 devices across our network as effectively as possible. After reviewing our entire IT infrastructure, we decided to end all our service level agreements with third parties and take the monitoring of our networks in-house. Together with our reseller Yaguti Systems, we looked at the most cost-effective and efficient way to monitor our data connections.”

User-friendly and effective monitoring

To strengthen their infrastructure, TriviumLindenhof specified two data connections per location: one VPN and an Internet connection for fallback situations. Reseller Yaguti was already using Progress WhatsUp Gold Premium to monitor Trivium’s server park 24/7. Therefore, the decision to use WhatsUp Gold for monitoring the data connections was an easy one and the implementation of the software went very smoothly.

“Since we began using WhatsUp Gold to monitor our data connections, our helpdesk can easily see what is happening on the network,” Vink says. “We have a screen in our office with a geographical view of all the locations that are connected to our headquarters. If there is a problem with one of the connections, a red light appears. When this happens we can instantly take action and contact one of our service providers who will solve the problem. This way, problems are solved before the employees at our connected locations are even aware of them.”

Less costs, more transparency

By choosing WhatsUp Gold, TriviumLindenhof took network management in-house. This decision has saved them €80,000 annually as they no longer need expensive SLAs to avoid downtime. Another benefit of the tool is the transparency it offers. The helpdesk can see exactly what is happening on the network and take action as soon as WhatsUp Gold detects a problem.

Monique Vink explains: “With the old system, we couldn’t see everything that took place on the network. If there was a problem, it took too long to solve it and this caused unnecessary downtime. We’ve noticed that WhatsUp Gold is really helping prevent this. At the end of every year we generate a report about our network availability. Last year we didn’t have any network downtime and so far this year everything is going smoothly. It is clear that WhatsUp Gold has had a positive impact.”


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