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Add the features below to extend the at-a-glance information you get through a single interface. Each of the following features are available as add-ons to WhatsUp® Gold’s Premium, MSP and Distributed editions. They are included in the Total Plus edition. 


Get detailed and actionable data on which users, applications, and protocols are consuming bandwidth. Use this information to define and enforce bandwidth utilization policies to maximize your return on ISP costs and assure adequate bandwidth for critical business applications and services.

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Meet security and compliance guidelines with unlimited, encrypted, stored versions of configuration files and templates. Compare configurations across devices to ensure that production and DR networks are in synch. Get alerts on and account for every change made to your network.

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Continuously monitor Microsoft, Oracle, Linux and Java based applications and services to assure optimal service levels to your users. Reduce IT workloads with pre-defined monitors ranging from SharePoint and Exchange through IIS and SQL.

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Monitor workloads, physical and virtual servers from a unified dashboard. Automatically discover and map your VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments including clusters, resources, hosts and guests. Track VM migrations and understand virtual-to-physical relationships.

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Continuously track performance levels and VoIP (Voice over IP) call quality for Cisco IP SLA-enabled devices.  Monitor performance parameters such as jitter, latency, and packet loss, and display MOS (Mean Opinion Score) and CPIF (Capacity Planning Impairment Factor).

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Monitor up to 20,000 devices from a single interface. Create new pollers whenever and wherever they are required. Balance monitoring loads, add redundancy and maximize performance. Add pollers specific to different business units or customers to support specific SLAs.

Additional products for your IT management toolkit


Eliminate the complexity of managing IP addresses. Minimize workloads and errors by automatically scanning and documenting your entire IP address space on a convenient schedule.

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The perfect tool for ad-hoc discovery of unmapped networks. Automatically maintain a comprehensive network and server inventory of physical connectivity, device asset information, configuration information, systems inventory, more.

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Automate tasks across all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. iMacros makes it easy for you to record and replay repetitious work and it’s the only web automation software that works with every website.

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