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Monitor Network Traffic and Bandwidth Usage

WhatsUp Gold makes it easy to get detailed visibility into your network traffic to see which users, applications, and protocols are consuming bandwidth or connecting to suspicious ports. This insight allows you to setup bandwidth usage policies, maximize your return on ISP costs and ensure adequate bandwidth for critical business applications and services.


Need Network Traffic Monitoring?
Here's How WhatsUp Gold Can Help


Network Traffic Visibility

Having insight to application bandwidth consumption allows you to better manage the performance of your overall infrastructure, applications and services. You can identify bottlenecks and plan effective workarounds, justify a needed bandwidth upgrade or watch for traffic to Tor ports and other suspicious connections.


Bandwidth Capacity Planning

Being able to see historical bandwidth usage trends allows you to stay ahead of capacity planning. Having the visibility to which applications are driving consumption allows you to demonstrate effective bandwidth management and more easily justify upgrades.


Faster Troubleshooting

Knowing what traffic was consuming bandwidth during a slow-down can really accelerate your troubleshooting. It helps you identify bottleneck issues like bandwidth hogs running where and when they shouldn't be. Finding these quickly can make you a network superhero.

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What Problems Can Traffic Monitoring Solve?

Here's just a few wins you can get:

  • Find backups or file transfers running during peak load periods
  • Track unauthorized, bandwidth hogs like streaming or gaming
  • Identify connections to Dark Web (Tor) ports and other suspicious traffic
  • Reprioritized authorized activities that consume a disproportionate share of bandwidth.

What Protocols Does WhatsUp Gold Support?

The Network Traffic Analysis module collects network traffic and bandwidth usage data from any flow-enabled device on the network. It supports Cisco’s NetFlow and NetFlow-Lite as well as  NSEL protocols, QUIC, J-Flow,  sFlow and IPFIX.  Collect and view data for Cisco CBQoS (Class Based Quality of Service) and NBAR (Network Based Application Recognition).

What Reports Are Included?

Out-of-the-box reports include:

  • Senders, receivers and conversations
  • Sender and receiver domains
  • Sender and receiver countries
  • Applications and protocols
  • Incoming and outgoing interface traffic
  • Incoming and outgoing interface utilization
  • Bandwidth usage by host and group
  • Suspicious connections & Tor ports

Can I Get Traffic Alerts?

Receive threshold-based alerts to help you address network traffic problems before they impact your users, applications, and business. Get alerts when senders or receivers exceed bandwidth thresholds or connect to suspicious ports, when interface traffic exceeds utilization thresholds or when you exceed failed connections or the number of conversation partner thresholds.

Can it Help Me Save Money?

Monthly ISP bandwidth charges are expensive. WhatsUp Gold's Network Traffic Analysis lets you drill down to identify the sources and destinations of your internet traffic, the applications consuming internet bandwidth and the users of those applications. In this way, you can manage and justify ISP costs and ensure that your business critical web applications are getting the bandwidth they need.

How About Quality of Service?

The NBAR (Network Based Application Recognition) Top Applications report displays the network traffic resulting from the top applications according to Cisco’s NBAR classification engine. The CBQoS reports provide information about the effectiveness of class-based policies.


Tech Tip:

"Use WhatsUp Gold's Network Traffic Analysis feature and configure threshold alerts for utilization by sender or receiver or interface, failed connections, conversation partners, non-business traffic such as YouTube or Spotify or potential security threats such as high volumes of traffic from a protected host or a suspect protocol (e.g. UDP)."
Jim Cashman, Director of Product Management

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5 Superpowers You Get From Network Traffic Monitoring

  1. Network Traffic X-Ray Vision
    Analyze netflow data to see things that just aren't possible with SNMP like a port level analysis of applications consuming bandwidth, end-points (‘talkers’) consuming bandwidth by port and bandwidth consumption by end-point or application over time

  2. Bandwidth Usage Super Intelligence
    Automatically track WAN usage by application for a month and then show management just what those monthly costs are paying for. Management likes IT pros that think about the business and you have all the factoids at your fingertips.

  3. Network Omni-Presence
    Some of your peers maybe worried that you are watching everything when they see reports that show who is using valuable bandwidth for games or videos when they should be working. But you'll be on top of unauthorized activity that impacts end-user response times.

  4. Super Network Optimization Skills
    How about validating that your best laid QoS plans are actually working. Traffic monitoring at the network flow level can show you the affect of application prioritization schemes.

  5. Cyber-Attack Antennae
    Set alerts for suspicious conditions like spikes in failed connection attempts on a device. Quickly spot that all of the transmissions originate form a few IP addresses outside your network and you can block an external portscan before the attacker is successful.

What Our Customers Are Saying


The unified dashboard is the best interface I've used and is definitely the de facto future of service, server and application monitoring. I love it!

Matt Cline
Senior Systems Administrator
Optim Healthcare

My responsibility is to make sure that IT meets Flexi-Van's strategic goals and objectives. With WhatsUp Gold I'm better able to succeed in my mission. I highly recommend it.

James Mercer
Director of IT
Flexi-Van Leasing

WhatsUp Gold quickly notifies team members of failures without staff having to watch a monitoring station. We are able to manage WhatsUp Gold without it managing us.

John Kholmorgan
Network Services Director
Austin Independent School District

WhatsUp® Gold Network Traffic Analysis Add-On

Network Traffic Analysis is included in WhatsUp® Gold’s Total Plus editions and available as an add-on to the Premium, MSP and Distributed editions.



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What is Network Traffic Monitoring?

Network Traffic Monitoring is the process of collecting data concerning the protocols and IP addresses traversing a network for analysis and review in order to detect any abnormality or process which could adversely affect performance, availability or security.

What is a Network Flow?

A network flow is a sequence of packets from a source IP address to a destination. It is the logical equivalent of a connection or call. NetFlow is a network protocol developed by Cisco to collect IP network traffic as it enters or exits an interface.