WhatsUp® Gold

Network Discovery Software

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Discover, Map and Monitor Your Network in Minutes

WhatsUp Gold features powerful Layer 2/3 discovery which can be initiated from an IP Range Scan or SNMP Smart Scan of a core router’s Bridge Table and generates a detailed map of the core, Windows, wireless and virtual infrastructures and more.

The discovery process also generates a complete inventory of all networked devices including device type, vendor, serial number, firmware and hardware rev, and the modules installed on the devices. Customers often use this feature to fulfill inventory audits with automatically generated reports on the software installed on servers or network devices.

At the completion of the discovery process, WhatsUp Gold automatically assigns devices roles that specify what data to collect and remedial actions that are enabled. You can easily modify default device roles and sub-roles or create new ones with the Device Role Editor. The discovery process also identifies dependencies that are marked on the map as directional arrows. With a couple of mouse clicks, dependency data can be used to suppress unnecessary alerts saving valuable troubleshooting time by minimizing false alerts.


Monitor Everything in Your Network

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