WhatsUp® Gold Training

WhatsUp® Gold Professional Certification

WhatsUp® Gold Professional Certification is a comprehensive certification exam that tests your depth of knowledge about network management, the WhatsUp Gold product, and its associated plug-ins. By passing this exam, you are a recognized “WhatsUp Gold Certified Professional” who has proven network management skills and is an expert in the advanced use of WhatsUp Gold.

The benefits of certification: 

  • Prove your expert status as a WhatsUp Gold user and clearly demonstrate your understanding of industry network management best practices
  • Acquire formal certification in the network management field
  • Establish your credibility and expertise with your company and your peers
  • Gain further visibility within the industry.

As a WhatsUp Gold Certified Professional, you will be more productive, resourceful, and able to quickly and expertly address your organization’s network performance problems to better optimize the network, reduce network downtime, and proactively and intuitively resolve complex network issues.


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