WhatsUp® Gold Training

Power Boost

Course Description

Power Boost training helps experienced WhatsUp Gold customers master their use of our software and improve their network monitoring skills. Learn more best-practices and uncover WhatsUp Gold capabilities you may have not yet discovered!

This course is designed for WhatsUp Gold users who have been actively using the product in an actual network environment. Power Boost best practices are built from a combination of product expert expertise and best-practices identified by WhatsUp Gold customers for use inside their own organizations.

The course is offered as an e-learning module delivered on line to be consumed on-demand. Course materials are available 24/7 and with full access to the resources for a year. 

Course Topics

  • Preparing your network for discovery
  • Administrative functions for users, groups, access controls and email settings
  • Best-practices to ensure security through external user authentication and user groups definition
  • Device states, device groups, device dependences and advanced mapping features
  • Improving your Alerting notification policies, thresholds and blackout libraries
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring and how to combine elements of WhatsUp Gold to fine tune your alerts
  • Practical strategies to prevent Alert Storms
  • Dashboard customization best-practices to provide exactly the information you need, where and when you need it

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