MOVEit® Training

MOVEit® Automation Administrator

Course Description

MOVEit Automation Administrator training is delivered in two parts:

On line training videos

  • A free “MOVEit Automation Get Started” course, accessible with a Progress Education Community Login
  • A “MOVEit Automation Advanced” course which is available for purchase
  • Access will be granted to ten administrators for 1 year starting as soon as we receive their contact information.

Personalized training (1 hour)

  • After your administrators get a chance to review the on line videos, you can schedule a Personalized Live Training Session.

Course Topics

Resource Groups and Settings

  • Resource Groups
  • Keys and Certificates
  • Settings and Commands
  • Configuration Utility
  • Check your license

Reports and filters

  • Watched Task list
  • Reports
  • Search and Filters
  • System Log
  • Troubleshoot a failed task

Tasks – advanced customization

  • Task import and export
  • Clone a task or a host
  • Task bulk actions
  • Scripts
  • Global parameters
  • Macros
  • Write a custom script


  • Schedule
  • Date lists
  • Add a schedule to a task

Advanced Tasks

  • Source
  • Process
  • Destination
  • File Loop
  • Conditional (if)
  • Update Original
  • Send Email
  • Run Task
  • Comment
  • Edit and Advanced Task

Advanced techniques for hosts and tasks

  • Task Host
  • Task Source
  • Task Destination
  • Synchronization Task

Personalized Training

The Personalized Live Training portion takes a deeper look at topics of your choice. Let us know what you are most interested in learning and we will tailor the training to your needs.

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