WhatsUp® Gold Training

Intensive Course

Course Description

WhatsUp Gold Intensive Training is a live, virtual, three consecutive-day session. Studends access hands-on lab exercises using Amazon Web Services via Remote Desktop from their own location. An alternative learning choice to the combination of “Getting Started,” and “Power Boost,” courses, this three-day course covers WhatsUp Gold and add-on modules and:

  • Provides the practical knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to carry out your most important network management tasks
  • Features a series of stimulating and challenging hands-on lab exercises
  • Is the final course offered to prepare you for the WhatsUp Gold certification test.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be ready to adopt best practices to manage your WhatsUp Gold installation using the Virtual, Cloud Monitoring, Network Traffic Analysis and Configuration Management tools. You will also have gained the skill required to:

  • Troubleshoot network and systems performance issues
  • Manage user accounts and security using third-party authentication systems such as Active Directory®
  • Proactively monitor, identify, and resolve issues before they become end-user problems.

This course is a live, on-line, lecture-based class taught by an experienced instructor who is available for any of your questions during the session.

Course Topics

  • Document your network>
  • Map the network and connections
  • Monitor and assess the performance of your network
  • Administrative functions for users, groups, access controls and email settings
  • Create alarms, actions and alerts
  • How to leverage reports and dashboards
  • System administration and maintenance
  • Monitoring virtual host statistics
  • Identifying network and server performance issues.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed to elevate the novice user to an expert level. The best-prepared students have a working knowledge of network/server administration and terms, and are just getting started using WUG but have less than two years of WUG experience.

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