WhatsUp® Gold Training

Getting Started

Course Description

Getting Started training is the quickest way to ramp-up your team and empower them for success using WhatsUp Gold. The course is designed to ensure quick mastery of all the capabilities of WhatsUp Gold. Up to 20 attendees come away with a deep understanding of WhatsUp Gold best practices and how they can optimize it for your organization's particular challenges.

The course is offered in a live, lecture based class taught by an experienced instructor who is available for custom questions during the session. The course covers the following topics:


  • Preparation for discovery
  • IP address or Seed scans?
  • Discovering AWS, Azure & Meraki
  • Discovering virtual, wireless & storage
  • Proper use of credentials
  • Determining optimal run times

Interactive Network Map

  • Interpreting the map layout
  • Device Roles and status
  • Monitor status
  • Active scans
  • Reading Device Cards
  • Device properties details

Actions and Analysis

  • Defining actions and policies
  • Alerting preferences
  • Automated Actions
  • Network health analysis
  • Customizing dashboards


  • Understanding device states
  • Monitoring options
  • Performance monitoring

Basic Administration

  • Groups, users and email settings

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