Service Description

Let our Consulting Services team get you up and running quickly so you can maximize the benefits of your investment in WhatsUp Gold. This service includes:

  • Installation using either local or remote SQL
  • Post-installation validation
  • Assistance with initial credentials setup and first discovery
  • Map generation and initiation of monitoring
  • Demonstration of best-practices when creating Layer 2, Dynamic, and Device Groups
  • Walk-through creation of Actions and Action Policies per customer requirements
  • Walk-through creation of Alert Thresholds and Notifications per customer requirements
  • Configuration of device dependencies per customer requirements
  • Creation of dashboards using out-of-the-box dashboard reports per customer requirements
  • Walk-through of WhatsUp Gold device roles
  • Configuration of Network Traffic Analysis settings, retention periods, and dashboard
  • Configuration of Virtualization Monitoring and walk through of features
  • Instantiation of built-in Application Performance Monitor profiles
  • Setup of Configuration Management tasks and walk through of features
  • Creation of custom built-in monitors per customer requirements
  • Deployment of Central/Remote WhatsUp Gold editions
  • Deployment and configuration of WhatsUp Gold scalability pollers
  • Deployment and configuration of WhatsUp Gold failover manager.
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