MOVEit® Services

Single MOVEit Application – Standard Hours Limited

Include one (1) single instance of the following applications:

  • MOVEit Transfer; or
  • MOVEit Automation.

Tasks Included:

  • Install of new software (selected application)
  • A single test migration from the current production environment to a new production environment.
  • A single production migration from the current production environment to the new production environment.

The following are excluded from the services:

  • Migration to/from MOVEit Cloud.
  • Conversion from MySql to MS SQL.
  • Databases larger than 5GB (not including transaction logs).
  • Any requirement for Overtime Work (“Overtime Work” is any work performed outside the “Standard Hours”: Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm in the time zone where the Consultant is located, excluding any legal holiday).

View the MOVEit Professional Services Overview Data Sheet