MOVEit® Services

MOVEit Transfer Implementation

Service Description

Our Implementation Service is designed to provide the flexibility needed for a tailored implementation and configuration. One of our Technical Consultants will undertake the core implementation activities as well as up to 3 hours including installation and post-implementation options.

  • Implementation Service (up to 3 hours)
    • Preliminary planning meetings
    • nstallation and base configuration of MOVEit Transfer (guaranteed deliverable)
    • Post-implementation customization (if time remains after planning and core installation)
  • Webfarm Implementation Service (recommended for High-Availability configurations - up to 5 hours)
    • Preliminary planning meetings
    • Installation and base configuration of multiple MOVEit Transfer webfarm nodes
    • Post-implementation customization (if time remains after planning and Webfarm configuration)


MOVEit Transfer Implementation Services allow your system administrators or support personnel to work with our Technical Consultants to accomplish the following:

  • Project planning
    • Discuss implementation strategy
    • Verify prerequisites
    • Schedule activities
  • Implementation
    • Install the MOVEit Transfer software
    • Initial configuration of the Licensed OrgDiscuss backup proceduresMOVEit Transfer Configuration Utility walkthrough

Once the core Implementation Service activities are complete, customers will be able to select items from the list below to exhaust the remaining time:

  • Webfarm setup
  • Product consulting
  • Setup template users
  • Install/configure Outlook plug-in
  • Setup external authentication (LDAP) group sync
  • Setup folder structure/permissions
  • Configure automated folder maintenance.
  • Disaster recovery install/setup
  • AS2 configuration
  • Review Ad-Hoc configuration
  • Install/configure Mobile plug-in
  • Setup groups - define group permissions
  • Configure automated reports.

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