MOVEit® Services

MOVEit Transfer Administrator Training

MOVEit Transfer enables the consolidation of all file transfer activities to one system to ensure better management control over core business processes. It provides the security, centralized access controls, file encryption and activity tracking needed to ensure operational reliability and compliance with SLA, internal governance and regulatory requirements.

During this MOVEit Transfer Administrator Training course, you will develop the skills needed to perform MOVEit Transfer Administration.

The training is delivered in two parts.

MOVEit Online Training Videos

Access will be granted to up to 10 admins for 1 year starting as soon as we receive the user contact information from you

Personalized Training (1 Hour) *

After you get a chance to review the online videos, you can schedule a one-time personalized live training session
* There is 1-personalized training session per sale. All sessions must be completed within 6-months of purchase.

Online training videos cover topics:

  • How to navigate and homepage content
  • Diferences in user permission classes
  • LDAP authentication options
Folder Page
  • Folder structures & types
  • Permission management via group or user
  • What is a package and how to build one?
  • Ad-Hoc packages overview/management
Live View
  • What is the live view and what are its benefits?
File Options
  • Uploading/downloading files
  • File history
  • Sample audit queries
  • Log filtering by attributes
  • Reports
  • Automating reports/delivery options
  • Custom reports
  • Settings
  • Appearance
  • Security policies
  • Ad-Hoc transfer (optional)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Basic settings
  • Advanced settings

The personalized live training portion takes a deeper look at topics of your choice. Let us know what you are most interested in learning and we will tailor the training to your needs.

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