Auto Parts Shop Repairs IT Headaches with WhatsUp Gold and Flow Monitor

A London auto parts retailer was experiencing rapid growth and was expanding its business across the country. This was great news for everyone, except the IT department.

Banca Marche Monitors 2500 Endpoints from a Single Console with WhatsUp Gold

Banca Marche is a large bank that employees over 3,000 people at more than 300 branches throughout central Italy.

Casino Uses WhatsConfigured to Stop Gambling on Security

When a casino hired a consultant to set up state of the art network security, their plan for protecting their network from intruders missed one critical vulnerability -- the consultant himself.

Clayco Keeps Multiple Sites Up and Running with WhatsUp Gold and APM

Clayco's IT network serves the needs of more than a thousand employees, subcontractors and vendors with access to business critical applications.

Debt Collection Agency Stays Out of the Red with WhatsUp Gold

A large New York based debt collections company was suffering from repeated application slow down in their call center and it was beginning to affect employee productivity.

Flow Monitor Allows University to Invest in Video Streaming Installation

A company specializing in video networking and transmission calls Ipswitch with an urgent concern.

Hermes Real World Example

Hermes is a UK based multi-specialist asset manager that offers a wide-range of investment solutions for it's clients.

K-12 School Gains Control over iPad Deployment

A school districts IT Manager was asked to investigate a 1-to-1 technology initiative for its high school students.

MOVEit Managed File Transfer: 2 Minute Overview

See how MOVEit secure managed file transfer meets your external data sharing requirements

Non-Profit overcomes BYOD challenges with WhatsUp Gold with Flow Monitor

Employees personal devices prove to be a drain on network bandwidth at a US nonprofit.

Overview of WS_FTP Server

WS_FTP server is the easiest way to securely store, share and transfer information between systems, applications, groups and individuals.

Reynold Philius of City National Bank: The Impact of File Automation

City National Bank did not have an automated file transfer system. Batch files and custom scripts created inefficiencies. To stay competitive, City National Bank has to automate every aspect of its operations. 

City National Bank: Why is Compliance So Important

As a financial instititution, City National Bank has a responsibility to protect its customers' data. MOVEit offers security features like authentication, encryption protocols, integration of anti-virus and DLP. Complying with regulations has been easier with MOVEit's built in reports. 

Why City National Bank Moved to Managed File Transfer

Hear from MOVEit customer, Reynold Philius of City National Bank: How City National Bank moved to a centralized managed file transfer system. They use MOVEit to transfer data between customers, vendors and business partners.

Rochester General Hospital Real World Example

Rochester General Hospital is a major healthcare provider for upstate New York serving more than a million patients annually.

Shipping Container Company Maps Worldwide Network

A large shipping container company had a big network of virtual and physical servers and desktops across 12 locations.

Viva Health Real World Example

Viva Health is a large Health Maintenance Organization responsible for ensuring the health of over 100,000 individuals.

Jim Mercer on Flow Monitor, Management and Alerting

The WhatsUp Gold Customer Interview Series

Jim Mercer on Motivations for WhatsUp Gold

The WhatsUp Gold Customer Interview Series

WhatsUp Gold Customer Interview Series: Jim Mercer: Advantages of WhatsUp Gold

The WhatsUp Gold Customer Interview Series

WhatsUp Gold Interview: Steve Bennett on Application Performance Monitor

The WhatsUp Gold Customer Interview Series

Steve Bennett on Bandwidth Monitoring, Layer 2 Discovery and Self-healing

The WhatsUp Gold Customer Interview Series

Steve Bennett on the Value of Comprehensive & Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

The WhatsUp Gold Customer Interview Series

University Overcomes Wireless Performance Challenges

A large university help desk has an overwhelming number of support fires from upset students who are unable to access the wireless network.

2-Minute Introduction to Ipswitch

Here's a 2-minute video that provides a high-level overview of Ipswitch and how we enable IT teams to perform and achieve the near impossible.

2-Minute Intro to Ipswitch File Transfer Products

This 2-minute video will give you the info you need to understand which simply powerful file transfer solution will work to solve your unique business needs.  

PowerShell versus Managed File Transfer

Learn why a company would use a managed file transfer system to move files between servers instead of PowerShell.

Using Managed File Transfer To Meet SLAs

Learn how companies are using a managed file transfer like MOVEit to meet service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers.

Consolidating FTP Servers

Learn why companies in the health care, banking, financial service and insurance industries are consolidating FTP servers for security reasons.

Secure File Transfers In Healthcare IT Infrastructure

Learn why customers in the healthcare industry buy manage file transfer software to consolidate and simply their file transfer process.

The Differences Between WhatsUp Gold 2017 v WhatsUp Gold 2016

WhatsUp Gold 2017 delivers an intuitive and interactive user experience that enables admins to see, process, and act on IT problems faster.

MOVEit Demonstration Video

Learn capabilities and best-practices for MOVEit Secure Managed File Transfer

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Discovery

The Quick Tip series offers a capsule demonstration of the power of WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Device Roles

The Quick Tip series offers a capsule demonstration of the power of WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Topology

The Quick Tip series offers a capsule demonstration of the power of WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Dynamic Groups

The Quick Tip series offers a capsule demonstration of the power of WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Dashboards

The Quick Tip series offers a capsule demonstration of the power of WhatsUp Gold.

30-sec Intro to WhatsUp® Gold

30-Second Introduction to WhatsUp Gold

Cloud Managed File Transfer Buyer's Guide

WhatsUp Gold Network Traffic Analysis Device Card Display

WhatsUp Gold Application Performance Monitoring Overlay

Minimizing File Transfer Risk

File transfers are a significant factor in accidental insider risk. Jeffrey Edwards of Progress Software explains how secure file transfers can help ensure privacy and play a role in regulatory compliance. In a video interview at Information Security Media Group's recent Cybersecurity Summit in Toronto, Edwards discusses:

  • The role of file transfers in insider risk.
  • How secure file transfers can help with regulatory compliance.
  • Preventing employees from bypassing corporate file transfer systems.