13 Network Nightmares

Has your server room turned into a house of horrors?

State of Data Security and Compliance

Ipswitch polled 555 IT team members across the globe who work at companies with more than 500 employees.

A Day in the Life of IT: Managed File Transfer Edition

Getting Schooled on BYOD

Students expect near perfect wireless network performance but have little insight into the problems caused by the many devices they carry around in their backpacks.

How the Network Stole Christmas

Will a never-ending string of network and user issues sink the holiday spirit of IT professionals?

IT Felt The Heat This Summer

While you were enjoying vacation, your IT teams were under pressure to keep the network afloat.

IT Pros Get Scrooged by their Networks this Christmas

A survey of 116 IT admins determined what happy holidays lie ahead for hard working professionals who work in the front lines of IT management.

IT Pros Say a Manual Approach to File Transfer Is Equal to Sitting in Traffic

Network Management March Madness

The IT Pro's Nightmare Before Christmas

Ipswitch polled 378 IT pros in the US in early December 2015 to learn about their holiday challenges.

Red Shirt Survey

Ipswitch conducted the "Red Shirt Survey 2014" in honor of SysAdmin day, in which over 140 IT administrators took part. The survey highlights the changes in the past year surrounding what motivates IT professionals and what users can do to facilitate collaboration.

SysAdmin Wars

Which side of the force are you?

Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Security breaches, increased workload, and decreased network bandwidth top the list of IT concerns.

The Data Transfer Universe

We polled 595 IT pros on Google+ to find out how they transfer files.

2016 Network Complexity Report: Are we in IT hell?

Ipswitch conducted an international poll with 1300+ IT pros about their greatest challenges.

Intelligent Systems in Action: The rise of the machines has already begun

New global research shows rapid adoption of intelligent machines used for automating and optimizing business and IT processes.

25 Years of Technology Innovation

Ipswitch was founded by Roger Greene from his home office in Reading, MA in 1991. A core Ipswitch mission is to be socially responsible, and dedicated to philanthropy and community service.

iMacro Survey 2017

IT's Top 8 Challenges

Preparing for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

In January 2017, Ipswitch commissioned a follow-up survey to the 2015 poll of IT pros in the UK, France and Germany. The survey asked about the implications of the impending GDPR changes and preparations undertaken by these organizations.

File Transfer Features Needed for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) encompasses 7 data protection principles that, together, assure the rights of the individual are central to the collection and processing of personal data.