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The Network Manager's Free Toolkit

The only free toolkit that helps you monitor network connectivity, manage your syslog and transfer configuration files.

WhatsUp PortScanner

Download Our Free Port Scanner

WhatsUp Virtual Machine Manager

Download Our Free Virtual Machine Manager

WhatsUp TFTP Server

Download Our Free TFTP Server

Visual Traceroute

Free Visual Traceroute Tool

Free Syslog Server

WhatsUp Syslog Server

WhatsUp SQL Server Monitor

Download Our Free SQL Server Monitor

WhatsUp Exchange Monitor

Free Exchange Monitoring Tool

Free IIS Monitor

WhatsUp IIS Monitor

Free Active Directory Monitor

WhatsUp® Active Directory Monitor.

WhatsUp® Gold Starter

Free Systems Administrator Toolkit

Monitor Active Directory, IIS and SQL Server

MOVEit Freely

MOVEit Transfer Client

Download this Windows and MAC Compatible MOVEit Desktop Client to Share, Send and Receive Files Securely.