Data Sheets

WhatsUp IP Address Manager

WhatsUp IP Address Manager automates the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space.

Ipswitch Analytics

Ipswitch Analytics is a flexible reporting and monitoring solution for MOVEit that ensures reliable, cost-effective, and auditable file transfers between employees, customers and trading partners.

Ipswitch Failover

Ipswitch Failover delivers zero downtime, no data loss, and unified failover management in a cost-effective active-passive configuration by maximizing availability of MOVEit Managed File Transfer with automated failover.

WhatsUp Log Management

A modular set of applications that can automatically collect, store, alert, analyze and report on log files for real-time security event detection and response.


Secure Business to Business Integration and Managed File Transfer

MOVEi Ad Hoc Transfer

A person-to-person file transfer solution to address employees’ risky personal file sharing behavior.

MOVEit Automation

"No Limits" Managed File Transfer Automation Software

Our Best-In-Class Managed File Transfer (MFT) automation software simplifies the creation of standardized workflows and makes it easier to ensure reliability, security and compliance. Unlike competitive offerings, MOVEit Automation supports an unlimited number of managed servers, thousands of tasks and out-of-the-box, point-and-click task deployment.

MOVEit Cloud

MOVEit Cloud takes care of the day to day operational compliance of a managed file transfer solution.

MOVEit Transfer

Industry Leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software

Get complete visibility and control over file transfer activities between partners, customers, users and systems. Secure files at rest and in transit and assure compliance with internal policies and regulatory mandates.

MOVEit Mobile

MOVEit Mobile enables mobile workers to reliably and productively participate in file-based business process workflows.

PCI-DSS Compliance Checklist

Meet requirements with the WhatsUp Gold continuous compliance solution.

VoIP Monitoring

Continuously assess and monitor acceptable performance levels for VoIP call quality.


Use WhatsConnected to automatically discover, map, search, inventory and document your entire IT infrastructure in minutes.

WS_FTP Professional

Proven, secure, & guaranteed file delivery that’s installed in minutes.

WS_FTP Server

Proven, Reliable, Secure FTP Server

WhatsUp Gold Training

Take the fast path to unleashing the full productivity of WhatsUp Gold by signing up for Ipswitch Instructor-led hands-on training.

MessageWay® Interactive Reporting

Easily and Securely View MessageWay Transmissions and Services

MOVEit Automation PGP Module

MOVEit Automation PGP Module is an optional purchase module that enables PGP encryption and key management functions within MOVEit Automation, using commercially licensed software from Veridis.

MOVEit Transfer API

The MOVEit API interface and clients offer third-party programs (including Web applications) programmatic access to a wide variety of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Cloud File Transfer services and administrative capabilities.

MOVEit Freely

MOVEit Freely is a  FTP and Secure FTPS File Transfer Command-line Client for Windows.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is available as an add-on to WhatsUp® Gold’s Premium, MSP and Distributed editions and is included in the Total Plus edition.

Virtualization Monitoring

Virtualization Monitoring is available as an add-on to WhatsUp® Gold’s Premium, MSP and Distributed editions and is included in the Total Plus edition. 

Network Traffic Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis is included in WhatsUp Gold’s Total and Total Plus editions and is available as an add-on to their predecessors - the Standard, Premium, MSP and Distributed editions.

Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring is available as an add-on to WhatsUp® Gold’s Premium, MSP and Distributed editions and is included in the Total Plus edition.


Secure File Transfer Client for Automated, Scheduled Transfers

WhatsUp® Gold Total Plus Edition

WhatsUp® Gold Total Plus Edition provides complete visibility to the status and performance of applications, network devices and servers in the cloud or on-premises.

MOVEit Transfer Multi-tenancy Option

Simultaneously serve multiple client organizations, or “tenants”, with MOVEit Transfer domain-based and username-based multi-tenancy.

MOVEit Transfer High Availability

MOVEit® Transfer has a flexible architecture that delivers scalability and high availability. This document provides an overview of MOVEit Transfer, how its high availability capabilities work, and what resources are required to implement them.

Ipswitch® Gateway

Multi-Layer Security for MOVEit Managed File Transfer

Ipswitch Gateway provides a DMZ proxy function that enables deployments of MOVEit Transfer within secured networks (behind the firewall) to meet the advanced compliance requirements often associated with data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

WS_FTP® Server Web Transfer Module

Industry-Leading Security Meets the Ease and Convenience of the Web

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition

Enables MSPs and SIs to deliver network, system & application monitoring services in centralized, distributed & mixed client environments.

Ipswitch Service Agreements

With “follow-the-sun” global support, a service agreement provides you with the right support at the right time.

Ipswitch Support and Maintenance

Our powerful blend of online community, centralized product information and live support contribute to our remarkably high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Ipswitch Training

We support our offering with high-quality training for all levels of knowledge, in a variety of formats.

WhatsUp® Gold Systems Admins bundle

WhatsUp® Gold's Systems Admin's bundles provides a complete system monitoring toolset including virtualization  and application monitoring.

WhatsUp® Gold Network Admins bundle

WhatsUp® Gold's Network Admin's bundles provides a complete network monitoring toolset including NetFlow monitoring and configuration management.

WhatsUp® Gold Premium Edition

Complete visibility to the performance of networks and servers in the cloud or on-premises.

MOVEit Secure Folder Sharing

Simple, Secure, Folder Sharing for Easier Collaboration

MOVEit Client

An Easy-to-Use, Windows or Mac Client for End-User Transdfer with MOVEit


Integration Access to MOVEit Services & Administration

MOVEit Automation Comparison

Which MOVEit Automation is right for you?

Take a look at the charts below to determine which version of MOVEit Automation (previously known as MOVEit Central)is right for your organization.

WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition

Industry-Leading Network Monitoring for Complex Multisite Networks

Cisco Connected TAC Service

In order to understand the situation and to maintain optimum environment, it is necessary to monitor the IT infrastructure as a whole before problems occur in the IT infrastructure environment.