Case Studies

NHBC Adopts MOVEit to Secure, Manage and Track Internal and External Document Transfers

Now all users move their files securely and transparently between themselves and with third parties with MOVEit.

NHS Wales chooses MOVEit for Secure Data Transfer

By using MOVEit, the NHS Wales Informatics Service is able to properly track, manage and encrypt the transfer of files while at rest or in transit.

Nordea Bank Centralizes Monitoring Strategy with WhatsUp Gold

Nordea builds a fully featured, international network monitoring solution with just two copies of WhatsUp Gold.

Optim Healthcare Monitors the Health of Its Entire IT Service

Optim Healthcare maintains excellent patient loyalty and quality of car with Whatsup Gold.

PCI Selects WhatsUp Gold for Its Easy User Interface and Configuration

After considering products from SolarWinds, Symantec, and Microsoft, PCI selects Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold.

Positive Images UK Calls WS_FTP “Perfect Solution"

Positive Images uses WS FTP Server to transfer large zip files securely to its specialist suppliers.

Primax Meets PCI Compliance Requirements and Makes Life Easier for Its Clients with MOVEit

Files exchanged using MOVEit Transfer are protected in transit and at rest, using proven encryption, receiver authentication, and delivery confirmation.

Reader's Digest Consolidates Multiple File Transfer Systems with MOVEit

MOVEit File Transfer improves productivity and collaboration between employees, partners and customers by enabling the quick, easy, and secure exchange of sensitive business data.

Hamley's Centralizes Network Monitoring to Solve Intermittent Issues​​

WhatsUp Gold performance monitoring solutions provides Hamley's with network management to track vendor connectivity problems in real-time.

Rochester General Relies on MOVEit to Transfer Medical Records and Meet HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

MOVEit provides centralized visibility and control for the hospital’s IT staff.

Roskilde Festival Serves Up 24/7 Continuous Operations with WhatsUp Gold

Thanks to WhatsUp Gold, the IT team was able to display multiple dashboards on multiple screens, undertaking minute-by-minute monitoring of the extensive infrastructure. Selects Ipswitch for Secure, Managed File Transfer

Ipswitch provides visible and compliant file transfer to leading provider of compensation and talent management solutions.

SAGCO Monitors Consolidated Network Infrastructure

Saudi Arabian Glass Company (SAGCO) helps ensure unbroken output of glass products with WhatsUp Gold

School District Protects City-wide Fiber Network with WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold availability management tools helps to identify network performance in the Austin Independent School District.

Scientific American Uses WS_FTP to Address File Transfer Issues

After first looking at Microsoft, Scientific American turned to Ipswitch to deliver the level of visibility and reporting it required.

Sciforma Uses WS_FTP to Securely Support Customers Worldwide

WS_FTP Server was the obvious choice to meet Sciforma’s requirements for an intuitive file transfer product that ensured user privacy and empowered staff to resolve client issues worldwide.

SELDA INFORMATICA SCARL Deploys Ipswitch Network Management

SELDA INFORMATICA SCARL uses WhatsUp Gold to constantly monitor the vital parameters of certain subsystems, including databases, mail services, web applications.

State of Michigan Capitalizes on MessageWay® to Manage Electronic File Exchange

The State of Michigan selected Ipswitch MessageWay for its integration and advanced managed file transfer functionality, and support for multi-tenancy capabilities.

Sumerian Transfers Client Data Easily, Reliably, and Securely with MOVEit

Sumerian uses Ipswitch’s MOVEit MFT Server and MOVEit Central to automate and manage client file transfers.

Surf’s Up at O’Neill and So Is Its IT Network Thanks to Whatsup Gold

WhatsUp Gold provides O’Neill with powerful discovery, mapping, SNMP and WMI monitoring, alerting, notification and reporting capabilities.

Calling on WhatsUp Gold Professional Services for Faster Time to Value

Talladega County 9-1-1 receives 99,000 requests for assistance and manages 252,000 calls without any interruptions.

Texas State Guard Prepares for Any Emergency with WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold allows the TXSG IT staff to easily keep tabs on the network from any remote location, including mobile phones.

The City of Guelph Secures Employee File Transfers with MOVEit

Guelph uses MOVEit Secure Email Attachments to send large files securely and reduce the burden on their email systems.

The Kendal Corporation Maintains Optimal Network Health with WhatsUp Gold

The senior care community leverages WhatsUp Gold with Configuration Management and Network Traffic Analysis

Top Medical School Consolidates Network Monitoring with WhatsUp Gold

Investing in a single set of network monitoring tools helps the Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine control bandwidth usage.

Flexi-Van Gains Control of Its Network with WhatsUp Gold

Facilitating on-time freight transportation from ship to rail to truck across North America, with help from WhatsUp Gold.

University of North Georgia Reduces IT Compliance Complexity

WhatsUp Gold allows IT team to shed manual processes and create a new state standard for compliance audits while becoming more proactive to user needs.

VIVA Health Demonstrates Regulatory Compliance with MOVEit

VIVA Health achieves its key objectives of easily automating task scripting and securely transferring files ad hoc.

WfbM relies on WhatsUp Gold

With WhatsUp Gold, WfbM’s IT team is now using IT manager Uwe Dirks’ preferred software solution to professionally monitor their entire environment

WhatsUp Gold Helps Fundraising Efforts of UK Charities

With more than 150 reports within WhatsUp Gold, network administrators can analyze network data to detect trends and needs for IT and business audiences.

WhatsUp Gold helps TTNA Manage Their Large Network with a Small Staff

TTNA implements WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition to monitor their network, spanning across four facilities, from one central location.

Technical College Prepares Graduates with WhatsUp Gold

Preparing information & network technology graduates for day one job productivity with WhatsUp Gold.

How 360T Avoids Liability With A Secure File Transfer System

360 Treasury Systems AG (360T) provides multi-bank trading services to more than 4,000 customers, and actively manages the transfer of more than a half million documents to its customers.

U.S. Army Counts on WhatsUp Gold to “Reboot” Iraq

ORHA, under the direction of CENTCOM, chose WhatsUp Gold for around-the-clock monitoring of applications, servers, devices, and network resources.

Automated File Transfer Helps SECU of North Carolina

Swapping out custom scripts and an FTP server with managed file transfer increases automation, security, and cost savings.

Cable & Wireless Monitors 1,200 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Devices with WhatsUp Gold

Company required a preventative tool with monitoring capabilities that would allow them to observe the ‘health’ of networking equipment

Taiwan’s e-go Builds an Operations Control Center to Deliver Premium Quality Services

Given the time-sensitive nature of the transportation industry, ensuring IT infrastructure operations were always optimal in order to support front-line business became the major challenge for the Taiwan Car Rental & Travel Group.

Korea Investment Savings Bank Ensures Business Continuity

KISB decided to implement an integrated monitoring system that enables integrated management of all systems with real-time response. 

üstra Monitors Technical Devices at Bus and Light Rail Stations with WhatsUp® Gold

üstra Monitors Technical Devices at Bus and Light Rail Stations with Whatsup® Gold

Network Management Software Helps KHS Double Profits and Production Value Capital

KHS major innovation plans required the replacement of all obsolete systems and enhanced network management efficiency.

CENIT AG Improves Customer Satisfaction and Makes It Easier to Transport Large Amounts of Data Thank

CENIT AG needed a smart solution for quickly and securely exchanging large amounts of data with their customers. The solution also had to make sure that authorized user files can be downloaded from a server which automatically removes access when finished.

Continental Automotive Drives its Business Efficiency with Ipswitch MOVEit Solutions

The Automotive Group of Continental is one of the leading global automotive suppliers, employing over 87,000 people. Continental Automotive has been using Ipswitch’s MOVEit managed file transfer solution since 2010.

Why Desca Chose WhatsUp Gold

Desca relies on WhatsUp Gold's ease of use to efficiently manage a multi-vendor network with over 2500 devices.

Why did Banco Columbia choose MOVEit®?

Banco Columbia is an Argentinean private equity financial institution that offers a wide variety of services such as fixed-term investments, trading of public and private securities, savings accounts, checking accounts, safe deposit boxes, currency exchange, funds transfers and insurance policies, among others. In addition, the institution provides individual consumer credit through several channels. The Banco Columbia operational network includes more than 20 branches in Argentina, intermediate entities, marketers, and an in-house sales force.

Alnatura chooses Ipswitch IT monitoring

Alnatura needed proactive monitoring to ensure smooth operations.

Schindler chooses Ipswitch

Solutions for managed file transfer and automation simplify file management for administration and production

The Schindler Group, founded in 1874, is one of the world’s leading providers of elevators and escalators as well as accompanying services. With its mobility solutions, Schindler transports more than 1 billion people globally every day. The driving force behind this success is the company’s staff numbering 58,000 employees in 100 countries – of whom 4,700 are based in Switzerland. Many of them work in the production facilities at the headquarters in Switzerland. Alongside these two Swiss sites, Schindler also manufactures in Europe at plants in Slovakia and Spain.

Florida’s City National Bank Builds on its Reputation with MOVEit®

City National Bank (CNB) is headquartered in Miami, Florida, where it was founded in in 1946. It is the fifth-largest financial institution in the state with more than $5 billion in assets, 450 employees and 26 locations that range from Miami-Dade County to the greater Orlando area have helped City National Bank earn many awards and a 5-star “Superior” rating by Bauer Financial, the nation’s leading bank rating firm.

Swissport is "ready for take-off" with Ipswitch®

World’s largest service provider for the flight industry uses Ipswitch MOVEit® for automating data transfers

The Canton Police of St.Gallen chooses safety with Ipswitch®

Police in the Canton of St.Gallen uses Ipswitch MOVEit® Automation and MOVEit® Transfer for the secure and automated data transfer to other authorities.

Scottish Pacific Business Finance simplifies secure data transfer with MOVEit

As one of the largest specialist providers of working capital solutions in Australia and New Zealand, Scottish Pacific Business Finance (SPBF) deals with more than 1700 clients across 8 offices worldwide.

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