Case Studies

Artoni Cuts Network Monitoring Costs with WhatsUp Gold

Artoni Trasporti utilizes WhatsUp Gold performance monitoring and availability management tools to reduce overall network monitoring costs.

Bandwidth Monitoring Solution Helps Retailer Boost Customer Service

Idras S.P.A. is one of northern Italy’s most significant plumbing and bath furniture
sellers, delivering product to civil, industrial and private sectors. Headquartered in
Castelmella, near Milan, Idras bases its reputation on 40 years of positive customer
experiences. It has six subsidiaries in Brescia and Bergamo. Now part of the
Brescian group Afis, Idras reaches into 30 branches in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna
and Trentino Alto Adige.

BankservAfrica Turns to MessageWay® to Handle 80% of its 2.5 Billion Transactions

By implementing MessageWay, 80% of the 2.5 billion data transactions processed annually by BankservAfrica all go through MessageWay’s MFT server, eliminating manual process

BHI Utilizes WhatsUp Gold to Securely Monitor Their Extensive Customer Network

BHI centralizes their network management operations, monitors their entire infrastructure and improves the support and service to their end users.

Pharma Company Uses MOVEit to Meet Security and Compliance Standards

Using MOVEit to meet the security and compliance requirements that the pharmaceutical industry demands.

Bottler Gains End User and IT Team Productivity with Network Management​

Sibeg improves business continuity by switching from manual application monitoring to WhatsUp Gold's automated network management system.

BraunAbility Uses WS_FTP to Protect Its Business Critical Intellectual Property

Braun chooses Ipswitch WS_FTP for its ease of administration, ease of use, and secure protocols for transferring confidential information.

Cambridgeshire County Council Eases Secure File Transfer for 4000 Users

Cambridgeshire County Council Adopts MOVEit™ to manage fast, secure, simple, audited transfers of confidential data files.

Capita Transfers 1 Million Documents a Month with MOVEit

Capita TDS decided to replace its data transfer infrastructure with Ipswitch’s MOVEit solution, a high-end, secure managed file transfer system hosted on on-site servers.

Trusted Financial Firm Manages Network Risk with WhatsUp Gold

With WhatsUp Gold, proactive monitoring improves uptime and nearly eliminates user complaints.

Close Brothers Premium Finance Saves Time by Using WhatsUp Gold

With WhatsUp Gold, Network Support is able to discover, map and monitor network devices, log files and flows from a single console, with a user-friendly, single click methodology.

Whatsup Gold MSP Helps Concordant Partner with its Customers

Monitoring and maintaining health information technology infrastructures as a managed service provider (MSP).

Contingent Network Services Finds the Best Replacement for WhatsUp Gold is... WhatsUp Gold

Contingent implements WhatsUp Gold for its comprehensive, real-time visibility into the status and performance of their network.

CROUS Paris Chooses WhatsUp Gold for Surveillance of Its Information System

With WhatsUp Gold, the IT team can more efficiently identify issues and malfunctions, which saves them time they can then devote to other projects.

Gropper Dairy Uses Network Monitoring to Prevent IT Failures and Performance Bottlenecks

Gropper Diary solves its bandwidth usage problems and simplifies network management with WhatsUp Gold VoIP monitoring solutions.

The Denver Broncos Turn to Ipswitch to Enable Easy and Secure Sharing of Large Files

Easy to use, simple and secure file transfer system improves communication and employee productivity.

Driving the Wow Factor into Automative Customer Service with WhatsUp Gold

Since implementing WhatsUp Gold six months ago, there has never been an outage that IT didn’t know about before the customers.

E-Commerce Leader Banks on Messageway™ for PCI Compliance

When this large e-commerce and payment processing company decided to consolidate their data centers, they made the decision to also consolidate the number of file transmission systems.

Enterasys Increases Security by Evolving from FTP to MOVEit

With MOVEit File Transfer, Enterasys professionals can quickly, easily and securely download the files they need, anytime, anywhere, from any web browser.

European University Institute Virtually Eliminates Downtime with WhatsUp Gold

Delivering maximum network availability for top international researchers with WhatsUp Gold.

Banca Marche Banks on New Tools for Network Performance

Banca Marche invested in new network management tools to help automate performance monitoring and solve problems before productivity suffered.

Freehold Regional High School District And WhatsUp Gold Partner, TransNet

WhatsUp Gold allows FRHSD to centralize its network management strategy and monitor the networks of six schools from one location.

Full-Service Builder Strengthens Network With Application Management​

Application performance solutions implemented at Clayco help automate application availability for more efficient root cause analysis.

Hammonds Streamlines Custom Furniture Retailing with WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold's network performance dashboard helps Hammonds Furniture identify significant application availability problems.

Gaming Company Rocksteady Protects Creative Assets with WS_FTP Server

Rocksteady uses WS_FTP solutions to securely transfer assets between their studio and outside agencies.

Creating a Scalable Standard for Network Management with WhatsUp Gold

GENCO plans to roll out WhatsUp Gold to 80+ locations in less than a year.

H&M Software Supports Secure Photo Sharing for 250,000 Users with WS_FTP®

H&M Software chooses WS_FTP® for its ability to automate account and quota management, scalability, and easy customization.

Health Insurance Provider Leverages MOVEit to Improve Its Managed File Transfer Solution

Health Insurance Provider switches to MOVEit after struggling with Axway software that quickly proved too difficult to use, especially due to its complex set-up requirements

Hermes Counts on MOVEit for Enterprise-Level Security and Compliance

MOVEit File Transfer is an enterprise data transfer server that boasts end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage of data, as well as delivering powerful administration and reporting capabilities.

Home Hardware Nails Secure File Transfer for Over 1000 Retailers with Messageway

With MessageWay, every file goes through an automatic validation process. If an order has a problem,MessageWay flags the file and alerts the help desk so that the problem can be corrected immediately

Innovative Charity Relies on WhatsUp Gold During a Period of Rapid Growth

The Hollybank Trust chooses WhatsUp Gold for around-the-clock monitoring of its applications, servers, devices, and network resources.

Law Firm Stephenson Harwood Shares Large Files Securely with MOVEit

MOVEit File Transfer provides Stephenson Harwood visibility into all data activities and the ability to proactively manage and automate all internal and external file interactions.

Knowledge IT Trusts Ipswitch’s WhatsUpGold to Monitor Its Customer’s Networks

Network management and performance monitoring for internet service provider, Knowledge IT, has never been easier thanks to WhatsUpGold.

Ipswitch Lifts Off for International Space Station

The European Columbus laboratory, located on the International Space Station (ISS), has selected Ipswitch, Inc., an innovator of secure and managed file transfer solutions, to provide secure and reliable network file transfer capability for its space experiments. Ipswitch’s WS_FTP software, which has been uploaded to a flight hard disk, is scheduled for launch on the Russian Progress spacecraft bound for the ISS, the world’s highest (250 miles) and fastest (17,500 mph) research facility

Killeen School District Relies on WS_FTP to Support Over 45,000 Teachers and Students

Killeen School District chooses WS FTP Web Transfer Module to add secure internet correspondence to their existing WS_FTP solution.

Kwik-Fit Keeps Its Network Wheels Turning with Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

Kwik-Fit chooses WhatsUp Gold to provide up/down monitoring of its remote sites and bandwidth utilization of critical offices.

Leading Financial Firm Puts Stock in WS_FTP® for Security and Compliance

WS_FTP Professional helps Raymond James maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Lending Tools Streamlines Over 1,100 File Transfer Tasks with MOVEit

LendingTools chose MOVEit to replace and consolidate multiple file transfer platforms, including FTP products with limited security and functionality.

Burke County Uses Application Monitoring to Troubleshoot Network Slow-downs

WhatsUp Gold application monitoring tools increase network performance and application efficiency for the offices of Burke County.

LodgeNet Stabilizes it's Network and Offers Proactive Support with WhatsUp Gold

Connecting, informing and entertaining travelers over a continent-wide network monitored by WhatsUp Gold.

Marston's Manages and Monitors Retail Data Networks and a Nationwide Telecoms Platform

Marston’s perceives savings of around £500,000 a year from operating Marston’s Telecom instead of buying non-wholesale connections from other telecoms providers.

Medibank chooses MOVEit file transfer, will save more than $30,000 annually

Medibank meets health industry regulations and secures sensitive health files for millions of citizens with Ipswitch MOVEit Managed File Transfer

Monitoring University Technology with WhatsUp Gold

IT uses WhatsUp Gold to inventory and monitor the University’s web and database servers.

Monsoon Upgrades from FTP to MFT for Security and Compliance

Fashion retailer Monsoon makes the move from FTP to MOVEit™ Managed File Transfer

Network Monitoring Tools Help Mining Museum Wow Visitors

WhatsUp Gold offers easy-to-read dashboard panels that can immediately improve performance management through automating network monitoring.

TriviumLindenhof Saves €80,000 by Monitoring Networks with Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

Find out how WhatsUp Gold simplified network performance monitoring and availability management for Trivium Lindenhof's offices throughout Holland.

WhatsUp Gold Helps Community Integrated Care’s Services to Stay Connected

Network analysis and monitoring reveals significant problems affecting Community Integrated Care's network management system.

Swann Engineering Group Monitors Its Way to Near-Continuous Network Availability

Swann Engineering's business improves after installing WhatsUp Gold performance monitoring tools and network management solutions.

Newspaper’s Network Monitoring Tool Powers 100% Uptime for Key Apps​

WhatsUp Gold network monitoring solutions helps Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung ensure 100% uptime for critical production applications.

NHBC Adopts MOVEit to Secure, Manage and Track Internal and External Document Transfers

Now all users move their files securely and transparently between themselves and with third parties with MOVEit.

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