Product Comparison

WS_FTP Server vs MOVEit MFT

FTP Products

WS_FTP Server

Secure FTP Server

Supports secure encryption for data in-transit
Administrative controls, basic logs and alerts
Create an unlimited number of user accounts
Reliable delivery

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Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution

MOVEit Transfer

MFT Server

Data encryption for files in motion and at rest
Powerful administrative control and visibility
Advanced audit support for regulatory compliance
Guaranteed delivery

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MOVEit Automation

MFT Automation Engine

Replace scripts with Web UI workflow creation
Schedule tasks based on time or event-driven triggers
Works with any FTP server including MOVEit Transfer
Optimized for large batch transactions with no size limits

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WS_FTP Professional

Secure FTP Client

Managed directly from an individual desktop
Uploads/downloads to/from any FTP server
Optimized for moderate sized, sequential transfers

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WS_FTP Server vs. MOVEit Transfer

 WS_FTP Server MOVEit Transfer
Solution Type
  • FTP Server
  • Deployed internally (behind firewall)
  • MFT server
  • On-Premise and SaaS (Cloud) Deployment Options
  • Deploy externally (outside firewall) for added network protection
  • Deploy internally (inside firewall) when integrated with Gateway
Transfer Volume
  • Large # transfers
  • Large volumes with no file size limits
  • Secure email and web access
  • Data encryption for files in-motion
  • Securely encrypt data at rest and in motion
  • Gateway integration ensures no data in DMZ
  • Integrates with anti-virus software, DLP, SEIM, and more
Audit Support for Regulatory Compliance
  • N/A
  • Tamper-evident logs
  • Consistent reporting format across all FTP systems
  • Compliance with data protection regulations (HIPAA, PCI, etc)
Control and Visibility
  • AD and LDAP integration
  • Server logs capture all file activity
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Granular access controls (i.e. role based access control)
  • Track where files are
  • Robust reporting and dashboards
  • Reliable delivery
  • OPTIONAL: failover configuration for high availability
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • File integrity checks and non-repudiation
  • Automatically re-send failed transfers
  • High Availability for improved performance
  • OPTIONAL: Failover for Disaster Recovery


MOVEit Transfer + MOVEit Automation

  • Security: protect sensitive data
  • Encrypt data in transit
  • Encrypt data at rest
  • Integrate with existing security tools
  • Compliance: assure regulatory compliance
  • Tamper-evident audit logs and reporting
  • Nonrepudiation
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Automation: schedule tasks and eliminate scripts
  • Simplify cumbersome workflows
  • Meet or exceed SLAs
  • Onboard new vendors/partners quickly
  • Control/Visibility: where is the data and who has access
  • Advanced administrative controls
  • Policy management
  • Alerts and dashboards
  • Reliability: flexible and scalable architecture
  • Adapt to growing business needs
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Auditability: audit trails of all transfer activities
  • Robust reporting and logging capabilities
  • Track who has access to the data
  • Monitor where and when data is transferred