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How to Transform Data with PowerShell & MOVEit Automation

This eBook will show you one example of using Windows PowerShell to transform data from two different data sources.

Thumbnail-magazine-transformYour data probably doesn’t exist in a single format. Even though it’d make your life easier to just have data represented in a single database format or as structured flat files most of us don’t have that luxury. 

We also sometimes need to sync data across each of these repositories. Doing so requires knowing how to interact with each data source:

  • Reading data from the first source
  • Manipulating that data into a format the destination data source understands
  • Finally writing to the destination data source

Products like MOVEit Automation from Ipswitch drastically reduce the time to make this happen but can’t possibly support every scenario you may be faced with. This is where a scripting technology like Windows PowerShell comes in handy.

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