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The Keys to Removing Data Security Risk from File Transfers


In today’s remote working environment, companies are more vulnerable than ever. Reports of cyberattacks, phishing, DDoS attacks and more have become all too common on IT and security blogs.   

These rampant digital threats make the security of your data a top priority. Yet effectively controlling and governing every file transfer across multiple systems, teams and partners can be challenging. 

So, what’s the solution for removing the data security risk from the equation? Secure, encrypted, easy-to-use file transfer software. In our upcoming webinar, IT and security expert Greg Mooney will discuss: 

  • Data Security: Remove holes in governance for more secure file transfers 
  • Auditing: Log all file transfers for proper tracking 
  • Encryption: Protect your data from end to end across file transfers  
If you’re transferring and storing large amounts of data, you may be at risk. Join us and find out how to secure this vulnerable data, both at rest and in transit.  



Who You'll Hear From:

Greg Mooney,
IT and Security Specialist

Alexandra Cassandro,
Webinar Hostess

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