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Proactive Remote Network Monitoring with WhatsUp Gold

Employees worldwide are being asked to work from home. As a network or system admin, how are you monitoring cloud applications like Office 365 or virtual environments like VMware or Hyper-V? How are you ensuring employees can continue to access the applications they need without missing a beat?

With WhatsUp Gold, you can monitor complex multisite networks with powerful device discovery, graphical network mapping, SNMP, WMI, versatile alerting, notifications and reporting capabilities. WhatsUp Gold provides 360-degree visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control.

No matter how many locations you have, WhatsUp Gold gives you an accurate picture on all your network installations, all the time. It delivers comprehensive, easy-to-use application and network monitoring that reveals your entire network in minutes with powerful discovery and mapping capabilities. Keep your employees powering through the unexpected while keeping your network up and running with WhatsUp Gold!

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