Monitoring Cisco Devices with WhatsUp Gold


With corporate networks getting increasingly sophisticated over the years, maintaining these complicated IT environments optimally has become a major challenge.

Enterprises can maximize the performance of their IT infrastructure by using WhatsUp Gold with Cisco devices. WhatsUp Gold provides a simple, easy-to-use monitoring solution that increases overall IT availability and, at the same time, discovers all Cisco devices by a standard discovery function and transmits the device information automatically.

Learn more about this collaboration in this on-demand webinar. Our senior sales engineer Mark Singh will discuss how WhatsUp Gold:

  • How WhatsUp Gold can support Cisco devices out of the box
  • How to monitor Cisco wireless devices
  • How WhatsUp Gold can support VoIP on Cisco
  • How to use configuration management to backup Cisco configurations
  • How to Get More Visibility into Your Network Behavior with Cisco Netflow
Mark Singh,
Sr. Solutions Engineer
Alexandra Cassandro,
Your Webinar Hostess